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How Does Bemer Vascular Therapy Work?

A pulsed electromagnetic field is used in BEMER (Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation) therapy for the delivery of micro-currents to muscle tissue and to increase circulation. BEMER® therapy has been scientifically validated as a “medical technology.” Over 40 countries use the patented BEMER® technology. Professional athletes all over the globe use this therapy for recovery and repair, and according to healthylineoutlet.com, it is available in more than 4000 hospitals and other medical facilities in Europe.

What is BEMER Vascular Therapy?

BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy was developed in Germany and Switzerland to improve blood flow by increasing microcirculation. Because it helps the body’s natural ability to heal itself, it has a positive effect on a wide range of health problems. Also, it sets the stage for both conventional and natural treatments to work better, making it the perfect addition to all treatments that are already being used.

Different health, wellness, and fitness-related fields use physical vascular therapy. Blood flow to the smallest blood vessels improves microcirculation, which in turn improves health, the immune system, and overall well-being. Microcirculation stimulation that works well helps the body’s most important control systems heal, recover, and grow new cells. It is also useful for a variety of treatments and indications.

Physical Vascular Therapy has been studied a lot over the years for a number of conditions, and the results have been written down. In the scientific database, there are more than 500 pages of studies that have shown that “Physical Vascular Therapy” works and has good qualities in a variety of situations.

How is a BEMER Vascular Therapy Session Typically Conducted?

During a typical 8-minute BEMER Vascular Therapy session, the client just sits or lies down on one of our soft BEMER Therapy mats. Therapy can be applied directly to the body if there is a specific area of complaint. This electromagnetic stimulation is completely non-invasive, drug-free, and secure to use.

What are the Benefits of BEMER Vascular Therapy?

When microcirculation is constrained or dysfunctional, BEMER therapy effectively stimulates it. It activates the smallest blood vessels’ pumping motion using electromagnetic signals, which improves the blood and oxygen supply to the body’s cells and promotes greater nutrient uptake as well as improved detoxification. The body’s defenses and disease-fighting abilities are strengthened. There is improved regeneration of cells enables quicker recovery and healing, and mental and physical performance increases. All of these factors contribute to an improved sense of wellbeing.

Professional and amateur athletes can benefit greatly from BEMER therapy. It stimulates strong muscles to support better muscle performance. Shorter warm-up and cool-down times are possible thanks to needs-based blood flow in the smallest blood vessels. When oxygen saturation is higher, your endurance, strength, and energy all get better, which makes your workouts more productive. Due to faster cell regeneration, micro-injuries can be treated right away, which keeps them from becoming bigger problems.

The BEMER treatment improves:

  • Blood flow (generally).
  • The flow of nutrients, oxygen, and wastes out of the body.
  • Physical endurance, power, and energy
  • Mental clarity, relaxation, stress reduction, and focus.
  • Digestion.
  • Cardiac operation.
  • Sleep management.

Use of the BEMER Device

A class 1 medical device registered with the FDA, the BEMER Device is used to deliver BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy, which improves circulation by increasing blood flow. Today, a wide range of industries use it.

The apparatus aids in the development of microcirculation, i. e. Your health, immune system, and general sense of well-being are all impacted positively by blood flow to the smallest blood vessels.

BEMER has continued to advance physical vascular therapy, producing some groundbreaking research on the bio-rhythm of lower and higher level regulatory processes.

Effective microcirculation stimulation has a wide range of applications and indications and supports the body’s most crucial regulatory systems for healing, prevention, regeneration and recovery processes. The impaired microcirculation brought on by aging, toxins, and stress is lessened by BEMER.


A controlled study has demonstrated the clinical efficacy of Bemer Physical Vascular Therapy as a useful option for complementary therapy in peripheral arterial disease. This study showed that patients with the peripheral arterial disease could walk a lot farther after receiving Bemer therapy than patients who did not.

The use of physical vascular therapy in therapeutic settings using bio-electro-magnetic energy regulation (BEMER) is becoming more widely acknowledged as a promising modality. Though BEMER proponents contend that there is little research to actually test this hypothesis, athletes (and others) may benefit from this type of treatment quite well.

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