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How did programming science change within the century?

Programming is the art of creating programs or software for specific purposes, it is not the same that it used to be over the years. In fact, programming science was indeed ingrained and taught as a theoretical system that included a lot of mathematics, statistics, and also algebra. But can you imagine, that the majority of the programmers in the 20th century were women? Check this post about women in programming.

If you go back almost a century your computer was almost the size of the room and the power required to turn this thing on let alone do something productive or incredible like we today was a mere dream. But the foundation to do wonders have been laid and the construction will continue to happen till we reach today.

Not so sophisticated programming a century back

Programming science is an art of speaking to computers and it has only got sophisticated with the dawn of modern technology like more sophisticated computing-intensive equipment making its way into the mainstream industry. But back then when the first computer was put together programming was used to extract some kind of work out of it.

The only language that a computer can understand is in the 0 and 1 format that is it these numbers continue to appear in the form of sets and the computer continues processing it and executing the dedicated commands. Even today all of these nice programming languages such as HTML, Python, and PHP do convert their dedicated coding into the 0 and 1 format for the computer to understand what they have to do with it.

Dawn of functional programming languages

But back then when the first computer came into being the programming in 0 and 1 was used for the sake of executing simple tasks or the development of systems such as a calculator and other things. But then with more intense computing units and the invention of GPU, Memory, and CPU, we have reached the current scale of coding/programming that we are familiar with as it was not until the early 1980s till a functional computer that could perform diverse functions came into the market.

It is not like that the rest of the century wasn’t any good regarding computing and programming as the main concept with programming science was applied to the industrial appliances and factory units which were bulky enough to have the power and smart enough to run the simple codes developed back then for them to execute dedicated tasks. Some of these tasks include running items onto the conveyor belt, capping the bottles, and such.

List of revolutionary programming languages from back then

But after a multi-functional computer was introduced into the market only then the real deal with programming science started, Windows, Mac OS, Antivirus systems, Word, and mobile games are among those few marvels that happened just because the programming route and the equipment to level with it were available. A brief list of some of the great programming science languages of the last century is stated as follows;

  1. Plankalkül—used to create procedures
  2. FORTRAN—used for mathematical and statistical computations
  3. LISP—the oldest programming language that can be used in place of Python or Ruby till today
  4. COBOL—used for business purposes
  5. PASCAL—used by Apple in its earliest days
  6. C—current derivatives are Java, JavaScript, PHP, and Python
  7. SQL—developed by IBM
  8. C++ used to create highly effective and productive software systems
  9. iOS—developed by Apple
  10. Python—supporting a variety of programming styles
  11. Ruby—a high-level programming language
  12. Java—was first used for an interactive TV project
  13. PHP—used for the development of web pages
  14. JS—used in the development of the web interactive software
  15. C#–developed by Microsoft and it also has the computing ability of C++
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