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How Ageras Grows Accounting Firms

Ageras has helped business owners since 2012 and finds the right accountant. For growing businesses, securing the company’s financial future and finding. The right accountant is a significant step in ensuring long-term, sustainable growth. While Ageras’s service has paired thousands of businesses with the right accountants. The trade has worked both ways, as multiple accounting firms have experienced growth in return.

In any kind of client service, the relationship is a two-way agreement. But finding the right people with who you can collaborate and work as seamlessly as possible. Through Ageras’s Partner Program, over 5,000 accounting firms have found success by landing the clients they’re looking for. Ageras acts as the middle man, providing leads, and connecting accountants with businesses.

What Ageras Does

By signing up, individuals are ready to share their information—who they’re, what their business does. What their goals are—to receive three quotes from different accounting professionals who meet their needs. Sort of a finance “matchmaker”, they find the right match for you.

When it involves helping other businesses. Ageras reviews their requests and matches them with partners within their network who will best fit their needs. Those partners receive a marketing solution that’s hands-off, user-friendly, and convenient. Consistent with this team, “our partners enjoy spending longer running their firm and fewer time worrying about marketing.”

The partner program allows accounting firms to choose referral criteria, get opportunities, send quotes, and win new clients in a seamless way. More than 200,000 business owners and numerous partners have raved about the quality of the service.

One Ageras partner program member, Kelli Lewis, owner of Kelli Works Accounting Firm, has seen massive growth.

Professional Relationship

She also highlighted the close professional relationship between Ageras and the partners, describing the service like a “big uncle”. She emphasized that the leads were “so warm already” when paired with a potential client. They could already be the accountant and not the salesperson.

The success that firms are searching for can also be amplified with measurable results. Whether it is building the foundations or achieving significant growth, Ageras offers opportunities for businesses to elevate their successes with scalable, customizable packages that fit individual needs.

Using targeted, specialized marketing campaigns, only the right clients are paired with certain accounting firms, meaning they can also enjoy the benefits of a marketing team without having to hire one.

Business Reputation

Any business owner will attest to the importance of reputation, relationships, and referrals. Nothing is more important than the one-to-one relationship formed when providing a service, because that will ultimately determine whether your business is spoken about in a positive light in different circles. Ageras streamlines the process and ensures that accounting firms find clients who are a good fit from the get-go – allowing them to reach their full growth potential.

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