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Housing: Why living in PG is the right choice in college life

Housing: Why living in PG is the right choice in college life


Students whose living in pg in past when they coming to cities for studies are faced with a tough situation.Where to stay in a big city? At such a tender age, they have to deal with a number of hassles, from dealing living in pg tips with landlords and flat brokers, to finding an agreement which suits the interests of all parties. Add to that the pressure of securing a college admission, one begins to understand how difficult things can be for students arriving from places far away from college campus.

Accommodation holds immense importance

There always seems a number of options available for students, but only seldom do students know the pros and cons of each option. Most of the times, while studying at colleges, students do not give much thought to accommodation and it is one of those things which is ignored as a side issue. However, this seemingly harmless factor can become the biggest thorn for students later on in their college life.

Usually it is the college admission which makes every student remain anxious and worried. The kind of accommodation after securing the college admission is the last of their worries as they do not give it must thought. What most students fail to understand that accommodation plays a key role in shaping a student’s college life.

In college life, students spend most of their time living in their rooms apart from attending classes. Add to that the trauma of leaving their home for the first time, and living away from their family can take its toll on them. Thus, the choice of accommodation which acts like their second home and provides emotional comfort becomes all the more important.

As compared to rented apartment and flats, according to many students paying guest in Chennai is one of the most comfortable options due to many factors as mentioned below.

Benefits of staying in Paying Accommodation.

  1. Affordable:

Paying Guests are extremely affordable as compared to rental-house in many of the cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and, etc. Money is a very important factor. Accommodation does not come cheap  and takes a hefty toll on the wallet.Today, tuition fees are touching the sky and steadily increase every year. Hence going for affordable pg accommodation is the right choice.  Generally, the pg in Chennai rent starts approximately from INR 5k/month for the good ones including food.

  1. Networks:

In PG mostly you can find the job seekers, job goers and it is very much beneficial for you .They can  good source of information for walk-ins, openings, etc. They can guide you and point you towards the right career direction. It is also beneficial to grow your personal network of like-minded people from similar educational background.

  1. Availability:

PGs are present at every corner of the cities. But you may not find hostels, flats for rents often and that too of a reasonable price. You do not have to spend months finding a paying guest in chennai, it is easily available. Even you can even find a PG the day you walk into the place.

  1. Amenities:

Amenities are needed for you to live  comfy life like AC,  washing machine,  TV,  are offered most often by PG.

  1. Food:

The taste may not be like that of your home or any restaurants but it will satisfy your hunger. Also, there is no hassle of cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning. Eventually, it saves a whole lot of time.

  1. Safe & Secure:

Paying Guest accommodation ensures 24*7 safety by providing security guards and installing CCTV cameras on the premises. They also don’t allow outsiders to get entry into the Paying Guest accommodation without permission and in an emergency; there are people who are there to help you out.

  1. No Repair & Maintenance Headache:

All the repair and maintenance of the building and types of equipment such as electric wiring, plumber work, AC, geyser, and even the cleaning services are taken care of by the Paying guest owner.

In conclusion, it depends on how and what you want from the accommodation you choose. Every option has its own share of benefits and pitfalls.

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