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Hitman 3 Lust DLC: Everything you need to know

Agent 47 will go on another mission as a developer, IO Interactive, has provided the hit game franchise Hitman, with its next chapter: Hitman 3 Season of Lust.

The Hitman franchise has been incredibly successful in numerous forms of entertainment formats, with the classic video games have had a number of different installments to have been released over the years, whilst there has also been a book series, a handful of movies, and a TV show, as well as a slot game that has been exclusively been made by Microgaming and made available at Unibet Casino for players to enjoy.

Indeed, Hitman 3 is the eighth main installment of the game series to have been launched and was initially made available at the beginning of the year. However, the latest downloadable content pack available for the game has recently been launched, thus providing players with the next part of the Season of Lust expansion.

The latest DLC is Act 4 of the series, with players being introduced to the feeling of lust, as Hitman has already gone through three sins so far. These were the greed, pride, and sloth sins.

Mission Lust Assignation Escalation

Players will certainly be able to feel the lust element as they play the game, as one of the main features of this update is the new one-stage contract that has been assigned to Agent 47 called Lust Assignation Escalation.

This mission will see the agent be taken to a nightclub in Berlin, where they will be required to uncover the clues and gather as much intel as possible on their secret admirer. The nightclub appears to have a theme of masquerade costumes, so perhaps there is the opportunity to blend in with the crowd a little more than usual.

One great thing about this new mission is that it can be continually replayed and it will provide a different secret admirer for each contracted hit, thus making it different and as enjoyable as possible with each mission taken.

Those that are successful in completing Lust Assignation Escalation will find that they can earn one of three rewards that are on offer. These rewards include the Scarlet Suit, the Serpent’s Bite, and the Serpent’s Tongue. Each of these will provide Agent 47 with something different.

The Scarlet Suit will see Hitman be dressed in a dapper red snakeskin suite that comes equipped with red driving gloves and sunglasses, whilst the Serpent’s Bite and Serpent’s Tongue are both deadly weapons. The first is a remotely detonated explosive that has been shaped like a snake, whilst the latter is a matching crossbow.


This expansion of the Hitman 3 Season of Lust DLC will take players to a new location, as they will be transported to the African country of Morroco and taken to one of its biggest cities, Marrakesh. This location will see two new targets be followed that was initially released as the third episode in Hitman 1.

The new location, which was made available from July 27 to August 8, will allow for players to explore new areas that include crowded markets and an abandoned school, although Agent 47 is on a mission here.

Known as ‘The Heartbreaker’, Phulo Newcom arrives in Mendoza on July 30 and players will have just one opportunity to kill him. The wedding planner, who decided to make a move with the wrong bride and is looking for more brides to try and exploit, will remain available until August 9.

Further updates

That is not all that is available with this Hitman 3 Season of Lust DLC pack, though, as there are a number of different pieces of content that will be available. These include the inclusion of a permanent event called the ‘Dartmoor Garden Show’ that will arrive on August 5, whilst there is also a new collection of Featured Contracts that are available from August 26 that have been created by the ideas that the Hitman community had!

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