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HGVT Offers a £400 Discount to Ex-Army Customers

The HGV driver shortage in the United Kingdom is as big a problem now as it has ever been, with an estimated shortfall of around 76,000 as of the end of 2020. That said, there companies like HGVT are actively trying to address the problem with a range of incentives to attract more people into what is a highly rewarding and well-paid career.

One such incentive is their recently announced £400 discount for all ex-army customers enrolling in Class 1 and Class 2 HGV training courses. HGV drivers are in huge demand right now and those with a British army background are even more sought after for a number of reasons.

Ex-Army Candidates Are In Even Higher Demand

When a company is looking for an HGV driver, if the candidate has spent time in the British army, they immediately become more sought-after. Why? Well, because ex-army veterans tend to be extremely disciplined, punctual, organized, and able to work on their own initiative. It’s something that led to HGVT creating this attractive offer.

An HGVT spokesperson lays out there thinking “We are keen to attract the best people in our mission to eliminate the driver shortage in the UK and ex-British army candidates most certainly fit into this category. We hope that our £400 discount off our HGV training allows us to show army veterans what a great career move it is and how sought-after they are as individuals”.

Offered on a first-come-first-served basis, spaces for this offer are limited and interest is certain to be high, so anyone wanting to take advantage should not waste any time in getting in touch with HGVT.

A Massive Demand for Qualified HGV Drivers

Even prior to the Covid-19 pandemic occurring, the demand for newly qualified HGV drivers was high and Britain’s exit from the European Union has exacerbated the problem further. Now, with lockdown still very much still in place, a staggering 87% of all people in the UK are now shopping online, meaning that even more capacity is needed to take care of this significant increase.

We all take the fact that our supermarket shelves are full and that freight gets delivered on time for granted – even during the pandemic. The harsh reality of the situation is that without sufficient HGV drivers to call upon, this simply can’t continue. Only by attracting more people to the industry can the big surge in demand be met now and into the future – as the problem will not go away on its own.

High-Quality HGV Training from DVLA Approved Instructors

The offer from HGVT represents a great opportunity to get into an industry that offers excellent rates of pay, rewarding work, and a guarantee that you’ll never be short of work. HGVT’s Driver Academy is a selling point all on its own, with training provided by DVLA approved instructors, complete assistance offered throughout the learning journey, and help finding work thanks to their exclusive partnership with Manpower.

Anyone with an ex-army background who’s interested in taking advantage of this exciting discounted offer should visit HGVT at www.hgvt.co.uk and get in contact with their enrolment team.

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