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Headline: Get Out of Town: 3 Tips for Traveling on a Budget

Headline: Get Out of Town: 3 Tips for Traveling on a Budget

For the majority of 2020, traveling came to a screeching halt. The COVID-19 pandemic was declared a national state of emergency, and states throughout the country implemented specific quarantine rules for its citizens. With this being said, many people were struggling to get to their local grocery stores, let alone leaving the city or state.

However, some traveling persisted, and many people geared up with facial masks and shields, gloves, and more. Since the style of travel changed, coupled with the vast job loss between in 2020 between March and April, traveling on a budget became a necessity, not just a nice to have. In fact, according to a study from Grand Canyon University, the unemployment rate reached 14.7% in April due to the coronavirus pandemic, while other national events throughout history such as the Great Recession and Global Recession didn’t even reach 10%. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the April 2020 unemployment rate was the highest rate in the history of the data.

However, even with all of the economic misfortune people still need to travel. Whether it is to see their family and loved ones during this rough time or to get a change of scenery after being stuck inside, traveling is still happening. It’s just happening differently. People are being challenged more than ever to consider their health and their pockets.

It should go without saying, but, wear a mask and wash your hands frequently during travel. Now, on to the finances. If you have been fortunate enough to secure or keep employment throughout this pandemic, great for you! If you are in between jobs, but still need to travel, here are a few tips that will help you save money.

Fly on a Non-Peak Day

Consider planning a trip during the week rather than on the weekend. Flight prices are usually cheaper on weekdays, compared to Friday-Sunday tickets. You can save a considerable amount on your traveling expenses just by altering how you book your flight.


Don’t Rent a Car

If you’re traveling to see family, you may have a ride to and from the airport and throughout the town. So, that may make this tip a lot easier. However, if you’re traveling for leisure, to an unknown place, consider getting to know the public transportation in that city. Rental cars are convenient, but they’re also pricey.


Eat Out for Breakfast and Lunch or Brunch

Often times, restaurants serve the same food at lunch as they do at dinner, but at a fraction of the price. Eat out during breakfast and lunch or brunch hours, then make other plans for dinner. You’ll save a great deal by not paying dinner prices at a restaurant.


Stay More Than One Night

When it comes to hotel stays, the best deals often come with multiple night stays. Try to stay a minimum of two nights, you’ll get more bang for your buck. Also, you get a longer vacation, and who doesn’t like that?

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