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Guy Gentile How to Successfully Build Your Professional Network

LinkedIn’s research confirms that 70 percent of jobs are found through making personal connections. Today we will cover how to build a professional network from scratch. If you are just starting in the professional workforce; want to improve your business image; or are entering a new career field, keep reading.

Ways to Develop Your Professional Network 

  • Put Yourself in the Career Search Mindset
  • Getting Social
  • Be Up to Date With Your Field of Interest
  • Ask for Guidance

Creating A Career Search Mindest for Build Your Professional Network

When actively looking for a new career a significant amount of people put in their best effort to build a network. They are actively looking for a job. When you are actively motivate to look for a job. Its best to commit to spending 15-30 minutes each day on a job search. There can be various activities regarding searching for a job, not only applying online. A few ideas when researching is to reach out to connections on LinkedIn.while Register for professional conferences, and go to local job fairs. It’s important to keep in mind that it takes five to six weeks to secure a job offer. oS don’t fret if you have not heard back from employers when you apply. Keep doing daily outreach to find the perfect career.

Get Social 

Authentic relationships create a successful Build Your Professional Network. The easiest way to start a conversation is to talk about common interests and passions. There are great places to build your social networking contacts. To Find social events that are connected to your field of interest. When connecting in person at events, it’s important how you present yourself and your body language. To come off as more credible, positive, and sincere you need to have a relaxed yet confident body posture. Networking face-to-face at a beginner or junior level is 68% percent more valuable than networking online.

Stay Current Within Your Field of Interest

To stay current in your field of interest for a new career or your first-time career, read the news daily. Subscribe to relevant newsletters, and keep up with what the industries are doing in  Build Your Professional Network. Social media is a very big network today, to gain insight and connect with like-minded individuals around you. Follow relevant industry topics and people to get an idea of what is going on in that specific professional community. If you feel like there is no hope in the social media industry let me remind you there are 3.5 billion social media users worldwide, someone will response. Be Patient.

Ask for Guidance

For the newbies out there and even the seasoned professionals Network well into their careers, it’s okay to ask for guidance.  Take advantage of the connections you have in order to build a network from scratch at any career level. As well as Ask friends relatives, neighbors to see if they are able to introduce you to valuable connections that you are looking for. It is best to direct and ask to  put in touch with someone who can possibly change your future. If you are worried about putting them on the spot there’s a template you can reference to help with creating the ask.

howaver Building a network from scratch is no easy task, but it’s worth the work. Creating your own network is invaluable and helps to strengthen your personal and professional self and is key to success.


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