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GTA 6: Know About the Features and all other rumors of the Gameplay.

As you know Rockstar Games has confirmed the game GTA 6 in an announcement. Now fans are waiting for the official confirmation. Let’s know about some details of GTA 6.

Fans of GTA 6 are very excited. Moreover, PC Gamers want another episode like GTA 5. the game has already released on consoles, but it will take almost two years to release on PC like GTA 5.

Release Date

The game is around the corner and fans are drooling over it. The release date of the GTA 6 is not confirmed yet; however, the game will release next year. Rockstar games are working on the game.

Platforms for GTA 6

As it already has decided that GTA 6 will release on new generation consoles such as Xbox 2 and PlayStation 5. That’s a masterstroke move for the GTA 6. the game will be available for PlayStation 5 for a month. It is one of the significant advantages for Sony in the race of consoles sales.

Well if you are a fan of GTA then before purchasing it, you should keep in mind some important things. Like if you have Playstation 4 and Xbox One platforms, then you should keep your expectations lower.


According to rumors, GTA 6 has the feature of microtransactions. If it is, then it would be a big move by Rockstar Games. Players have a competitive environment. This feature is very popular in many other games such as PUBG, and that’s the best revolution for GTA 6.

Online Features

GTA online world is different from other open-world games and fans much appreciated it.


It is a significant part of the game and expands the activities in the game. Therefore Heists is one of the best and upcoming features for the next edition.

Race Wars

Another major feature of the game is Race wars. It gives shape the game and fans really enjoyed the racing of the game.

Real Estate

One of the highly anticipated section of the game is the real estate of the franchise. It’s all about the fancy buildings and skyscrapers. It’s a fantastic feature that will remain the same in the next installment.

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