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Greg ‘MoneyMan’ Jones throws Celebrity’s Parties for Newcomers

Celebrities Parties For Upcoming Stars By Greg Moneyman Jones

In the music industry who does not know about Aka Greg Jones or Greg Moneyman Jones? On the East Coast, he is a known party promoter. He was raised in Ashville NC and living with his father and mother. MoneyMan’s love is to listen to the 90’s Rakim & LL Cool J music daily.  In his teenage age, all he knew was streets and sports, and wanted to do something different. Therefore, he decided to come into the music industry as a promoter.

With a bang, his time as a promoter started. In 2010, MoneyMan Jones started to organize events with all the famous stars of the time including Gucci Mane, Rich Homie Quan, and The Migos. His events were hits all through several college streets of North Carolina. Now he is using his money from parties to assist push artists via Spinrilla with his mixtape hosting services. All his mixtapes have attracted the people on the internet and played in different parties of the celebrities. It is his wish to organize an event with the moguls of the industry like Jay-Z and Diddy.

His events are highly famous in the industry and are well-reputed. It is wonderful for the majority of people to access his events online and on social media. It is a time to party, enjoy, drink, eat and dance before rigorous sacrifice and fasting during Lent. It is filled with celebrations, balls, and musical shows. People enjoy and gather in these events, and they enjoy the intricately adorned music and lively music. A plethora of joyful dancers presents their unique act in front of the audience. The combination of these things makes a memorable event.

He uses themes and other things. Decorative masks and extravagant costumes make it the most amazing event. It is a celebration that attracts almost three million people to the events. This is the event that is rooted in a series of lavish masquerade balls and historical reenactments. Every time it is held dynamically. Now, it is the most popular in the industry. It is lovely to watch thousands of people wearing delicate masks formed from proclaiming, glass and leather. Newcomers come here to watch it and enjoy it.

It is one of the most iconic celebrations in which visitors enjoy the real tone of the event with its flashy, feathered costumes, distinctive samba rhythm, and long-standing traditions. The roots are deep, and the Samba music style and dance are the festival’s identity. His event attracts millions of people, and they come to enjoy a variety of cultural experiences here.

Most of the people join this creative show and culture as well as a musical event that is celebrated at a vast level. Most people come here to enjoy its real essence because artists present their acts and dances in different music styles. Their performances, pageantry, and costumes are amazing and are a combination of historical and social origin.

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