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GLOW Season 3 to Dazzle the Fans, Reserved 9 August’19 for Release

GLOW is one of Netflix’s best comedy series which follows a unique plotline influenced by women wrestling.

After the completion of two successful seasons of GLOW, Netflix didn’t take much time in renewing the series for its third season.

So, after a long wait of a year, GLOW got an official release date for the premiere of its Season 3.

A few days back, Netflix dropped an intensifying and mesmerizing trailer of GLOW Season 3. No doubt, the trailer of GLOW Season 3 dazzled the fans with immense happiness.

Surely, GLOW Season 3 owns a lot to offer the fans as it will be hyped with many unexpected turns and twists.

GLOW Season 3 will consist of 10 episodes. Surely, all of the episodes will be darker, and hilarious enough to increase the fans’ interest and joy along with their expectations.


  • Alison Brie (as Ruth Wilder)
  • Betty Gilpin (as Debbie Eagan)
  • Britt Baron (as Justine Biagi)
  • Britney Young (as Carmen Wade)
  • Kate Nash (as Rhonda Richardson)
  • Chris Lowell (as Bash Howard)
  • Sydelle Noel (as Cherry Bang)

Moreover, along with the other cast and characters, some new faces will appear in season 3 of GLOW, to blow up the humor and action.

GLOW Season 3 will hit hard the screens on 9 August 2019.

Stay tuned with us to know more about GLOW!