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Global Defender-Ben Hughes AKA tall children and the new start of “The boat of hope’’ campaign

2020 is a life-changing year for everyone, and it does not end fast enough. COVID19, race riots, the tragic death of George Floyd, and a lot of bad things happened this year. Forced to create alternative sources of income and rebrand digitally. Music consumption and circulation hit a record high in 2020, and artists feel obligated to create and inspire inspiration.

British entrepreneur and recording artist Ben Hughes AKA Tall Children have increased his musical influence in 2020. Tall Children uses virtual concerts, live Instagram listening sessions, and fan meetings every two weeks to burn all cylinders through social media platforms like Facebook and Ticktock karaoke events.

Ben hughes and boat of hope campaign:

Ben Hughes AKA Tall Children is now a partner in the Boat of Hope campaign. It is a collaborative fundraising effort, with various contributors joining in to share their support and expertise. This campaign is going to help to raise awareness of social challenges and also about the mental health problems in young people.

Young adults with totally different chronic conditions are at high risk for psychological symptoms like depression anxiety etc. that are aggravated by restricted activity days, the unpredictability of symptoms, poor prognosis, the presence of quiet one condition, and therefore the presence of hearing and speech issues.

Purpose of running a campaign:

Social support plays a very important role in the adjustment of youngsters living with chronic diseases. Social support is related to higher psychosocial adjustment and sickness management. The goals of these programs for youngsters with chronic diseases of mental health tend to be broad enough to handle a number of the requirements common to several of these youngsters while accommodating individual differences.

The vary of goals typically includes providing children with fun-filled, age-acceptable expertise wherever they will acquire activity-related skills; encouraging children to develop a self-sufficing attitude; enhancing self-esteem; providing opportunities for a way of mastery and effectiveness in peer relationships, and serving to children study their sickness either through formal education, or informal peer

The boat of hope campaign aims to raise awareness of priority mental health issues around the world and mobilize efforts to support mental health. They provide opportunities for all stakeholders to share their work and other measures to provide high-quality mental health care.

Mental illness is a physical disease of the brain that can cause disturbances in thinking, behavior, energy, or the emotions that trigger them. It is difficult to cope with the ordinary needs of daily life. Research is beginning to reveal the complex causes of these diseases. This may include genetics, brain chemistry, brain structure, trauma, and/or other medical conditions such as heart disease.

As of 2021, Ben Hughes has six projects and multiple international music companies, and The boat of hope campaign, etc. Ben Hughes’s music is a gift to the world, and this is just the beginning.

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