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From Fortune 500 to Six Figures, Scott Bartnick’s entrepreneurial success story

Today, millennials more than ever are resisting the societal norms of working a standard nine to five corporate America success story desk job. Many are taking a stand, and straying away from their daily routines, most of which have left them uninspired and unmotivated. This was the case for the now six-figure earner on Amazon and founder of The Five Day Startup, Scott Bartnick.

Scott Bartnick

For many, where we find ourselves later in life isn’t always what we anticipated. As for succes story Scott Bartnick, founder of The Five Day Startup, his background didn’t begin with entrepreneurship. He graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering.Then kicked off his career by working for a Fortune 500 company following his time in college.Soon he realized this was not the life he had hoped for and he wanted something better. He dreamed of life with flexibility, one where he could travel and where he could do work that inspired both himself and the people around him.

“I asked myself one question,” Scott said. “What would I regret more when I was 80 years old? For me, it was not exploring the unknown.”


Unlike many with these similar feelings, Scott took that leap of faith. After three years, he left his job at a top engineering firm, became his own boss and started a journey of his own. He knew he wanted to travel and make a life for himself. This is usually unattainable without a source of income, but he was willing to do whatever it took to succeed.


Prior to leaving his company, he knew he needed a plan before making the next step. He realized he could live in South East Asia for about $10 a day. More research led him to realize the success he could find in eCommerce and making money online. This was what he believed was the most success story avenue and off he went. He set up drop-shipping as a means of income and ended up making his first $1,000. 


“I had the opportunity to spend the next year traveling to seven countries, including my dream destinations, success story of  New Zealand and Thailand,” Scott said. “I did all this while building what are now four successful brands”.”I’m now looking to hit my new goal of seven-figures by the end of 2020.”

He launched The Five Day Startup, a company created to help other Amazon sellers grow their business and find similar success  through consultations and account management. He has assisted his clients in building and scaling their businesses through Amazon eCommerce, public relations, operations management, and so much more. His new passion now is helping his clients and being there for them through every step. He uses his own past mistakes to prevent those of both new and seasoned entrepreneurs. 


“I love helping clients,” Scott says. “Nothing makes me happier than waking up to account screenshots with phenomenal growth. It’s a blessing being able to help people follow their dreams and live on their terms.”

businesses launch

He has  helped hundreds of businesses launch and market their products on Amazon while also developing proprietary algorithms. That used to increase Amazon sales and reduce operational costs. He  determined to help others get out of their mundane daily routines and to take a chance on themselves. He hopes through The Five Day Startup he can help others achieve similar success  and watch their businesses grow.


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