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FRIENDS, The Evergreen Sitcom Streaming on Netflix, What’s Hot These Days?

The most popular, and remarkable show of all times, FRIENDS is now streaming on Netflix. You can watch all of the ten seasons of Friends on Netflix.

If the time has blurred your memories then let me revive them, Friends is an American sitcom. It aired on NBC in 1994 and rests there until 1994 when finally it reached its conclusion with the completion of its tenth and final season.

Since the beginning Friends has a huge fanbase and still the sitcom owns the abilities to rest in our hearts forever. Certainly, we till now, we haven’t seen any comedy show best than that.

After NBC, Friends in different languages kept airing on different channels. Apart from English, its Punjabi version is worth-watching and hilarious (In case you have some roots connected to the Punjabi language).

Anyhow, since last year, all of the ten seasons of Freinds are available on the streaming giant, Netflix. Recently, Netflix‘s official Instagram page posted a video assemblage of all of the seasons of Friends. Thousands of people from all over the world gave applaud to that video which mesmerized their hearts by reviving their past beautiful memories associated with the remarkable sitcom.

No doubt, the sitcom, Friends that revolves around the lives of the six friends never missed to win our hearts and make us LMAO. However, now, those 6 friends in their real lives aren’t together anymore and this seems to be the most heart-wrenching news for the fans. Even all of them didn’t come together to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the show, Friends.

The reason behind such mess isn’t out yet. Anyhow, I will keep updating you!


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