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Fraud people in the market!! Please Beware!!

Sharing experience was my hobby, but this time, it became a necessity!!

Recently, I tried buying some services from one of the websites in the market. With this tech-savvy world, I took the assistance of the internet to go through every detail possible. But this internet became the ultimate hurdle.

I went on one of the websites named Raja to take some services. I thought as the name and article suggested they treat their customers like a king. So, I was excited to be treated like one. But little did I know, I would lose my wealth to these scammers.

Let me tell you in detail, what actually happened. After getting to know about the website, I searched a little bit about the company and everything looked genuine.

The website also had comparatively great deals at better prices. One of the drawbacks it had included prepayment that was required to avail the services. Hence, I went through that process as anyone else would do, that is through PayTM.

Surely, this was not the first time that I was using this website, but certainly, it was the last one. As I added the amount in my wallet and desired it using after some days.

As decided, I tried opening the website after some days, but could not reach it. Firstly, I thought that it might be a server issue but after talking to some of my friends who on my referral started using this “Raja” website. In the end, it turned out that we all were unable to access the website. Each one of us had deposited a hefty amount for the services in the website’s wallet through PayTM. Also, at this moment, we all were unsure whether or not previous services that we availed of will be available or not.

Later, we tried contacting them through the WhatsApp number but only received an automated message that stated the team will contact us as soon as possible. But the day never came!! We all are still waiting for their reply.

All our sensitive information was now in hands of these scammers who could do anything they liked with our identities and other information. I considered myself as the main culprit since I was the one who introduced these scammers to my friends. We tried reaching them by calling the number provided as well, but all efforts went vain as we were only able to listen to an automated message.

I forgot about this thing about the money as my wife said Money can be earned again. Later, what happened blew my mind and it became important to let everyone know about this Raja company that promises great services in the market.

My complete data was deleted from the device and I also encountered a virus attack on my computer system. I am sure that this entered my website through files of this website and corrupted my system. I lost all the data that was very important to me.

Overall, I would never recommend anyone to go through the online method of getting services from this company as some of the offers enlisted might be a trap set by frauds like Raja.

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