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Fratres launches New Pakistani Job Site with Epic Job Listings and Company Review Features

Pk.Fratres.net is a new job portal founded by Erfan Awan with enhanced job listing and company review features in Pakistan. This latest site is going to compete with top market leaders like Rozee. Pk And Mustakbil.com. An introduction of brand new features i.e. company review and better job listings are amongst the first steps that will definitely keep the site ahead of its competitors.

In Pakistan, job site where a low-income group has necessary talent but no dream jobs at the silver platter, Job boards like Fratres are nothing but a blessing. It lets that group find a golden opportunity and then avail it in no time. A gap between rich and poor can easily be filled since the website is rendering different types of jobs, such as part-time and temporary.

Erfan Awan, CEO, and Founder of Fratres.com said, “Students are the real assets of Pakistan. They job site are passionate but often have to give up on their dreams due to financial limitations they. Now with the availability of part-time and temporary jobs, they can earn while keeping up with their studies. They can learn and earn at the same time; this is how Fratres is trying to keep the dream of students alive and giving them a chance to grow in a way they always deserve.”

Gone are the days when job seekers had no idea about the company, job site but they applied for a position anyway. Pk.Fratres.net is launching its existing new feature of “Company review.” Now you can know about the company, its pay scale, culture, and other related aspects. This knowledge lets you decide whether you want to become a part of it or not.

“Company Review is a great feature which gives Fratres a competitive edge. Getting to know a company job site is a must-have thing for every job seeker. It lets every candidate make an informed decision. A quick look at the company helps you understand whether you are a good fit in or not, Erfan explained.

Jobseeker depression is a real thing in Pakistan, where more and more candidates think that they have talent job site but not a job that can match their gift. Even many people are compromising on pay terms just because they are breadwinners of their families. They are forced to leave hand-to-mouth.

“The main goal of launching a brand new Job site, i.e., Fratres in Pakistan, is to open up multiple doors for the talented people who want to move up in the career ladder. This job site is a platform where you can find jobs for people with and without experience, so no one deprives of a golden life opportunity ever, Erfan added.”

You can job site have your hands on some noteworthy feature such as job alerts- subscribe to this service. And fill your inbox with tons of job postings that exactly matches to your criteria. Career advise- build a CV by following step-by-step guide. And stay informed with job market; job search by location, company, and industry sector; set filters during a job search in Pakistan.

“Our Career Advice section is catered to the needs of not only job seekers but also employers, Erfan continues. We job site instill all the required information for both parties in our blog posts, so everyone gets what they need. At one end, a job seeker can get to know possible interview questions. On another end, a hiring manager can get an idea about the most successful interview techniques to hire the best talent.”

Recruiters who want to advertise their upcoming job openings job site. They can have their persona account at Fratres from where they can post and manage every job. Instead of spending money on local advertisements. They can make the most from this free job site of Pakistan. They can post a job of any type and then start receiving CVs from the top talent of this country.

About Fratres.net

It’s easy to use interface makes job browsing experience nothing but a breeze for job seekers. Recruiters can job site advertise multiple jobs free-of-cost at a platform that gets thousands of hits every-day; that’s mean expecting to have more than 100 CVs for one single task. The headquarters of Fratres in London,UK. 

Faheem Haydar
Faheem Haydar
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