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Four Creative Ways Executives Are Donating Time

Four Creative Ways Executives Are Donating Time and Resources During Health Crisis 

In the past few weeks, the world has begun to see small, positive steps forward in its effort to combat the coronavirus. Lower numbers of covid-19 cases suggest we are successfully flattening the curve. This is in large part thanks to everyone who stayed home, took precautionary measures or went. The extra mile to take care of our most vulnerable neighbors for four creative ways executives.

Although we are not out of the woods just yet. There are so many ways we can continue to lend a helping hand during these uncertain times .

Here are some examples

In California, The Holdsworth Group established a nonprofit program called the Los Angeles County COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund.

Whose mission is to provide financial relief to single-parents. Who work in the food industry. Who lost their jobs due to COVID-19 shutdowns.

Mark Holdsworth, founder of The Holdsworth Group located in Pasadena commented, “We are also determined to assist those in the food and beverage and hospitality industries. These were the first and hardest hit. Many of these people might not get their jobs back as some of their employers have shut down for good.”

Employees of the firm also got involved by donating funds to the program.

“All of our employees have donated and the website is still open to collect more donations. A few of our investing partners have already pledged substantial additional funds to support this effort as well.

We are very grateful for the support this effort has received from others,” said Holdsworth.

Thomas Kane, a Chicago-based businessman and philanthropist, has been personally donating to groups providing meals to front line workers at hospitals.  He has also participated in a “spread the love” effort giving temporary financial assistance to others in the service sector.

Kane, who offers his support to various charities across the city, knew that he wanted to help aid in the current health crisis in any way he could.

Crisis of COVID-19

“The COVID-19 crisis has been a complete upheaval to the lives of many, many people.  I knew there was an opportunity to lend a helping hand.  From healthcare workers to those who work in the service industry, we need to show our support appreciation for all that they are doing right now,” said Thomas Kane.

Also showing compassion and lending a helping hand in Chicagoland is Willie Wilson, a businessman. Who runs a medical supply company.  Since the crisis started, Wilson has donated thousands of masks to community groups around the city.

“I am proud to donate these face masks to help save lives and to help prevent the spread of COVID-19,” said Wilson.

A large portion of the donated masks will go to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and senior residential locations.

In Delaware, businessman Joe Garner fell victim to COVID-19 after returning from a ski trip to Colorado in February.  Though his symptoms were mild (loss of taste and smell). He knew he wanted to help others recover from the coronavirus so he decided to donate his plasma.

Garner explained, “I’m just helping people who are currently in the hospital. As far as I understand, they can inject the plasma into somebody. Who has COVID-19 and that gives them antibodies they aren’t able to produce.”

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