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Five Different Uses of a Breakaway Lanyard

When choosing lanyards, there are many possibilities for color, size, length, and attachment. It can all seem a little overwhelming. The breakaway release is one of the most crucial lanyard features available, and it is one of the most common in several sectors. Breakaway lanyards are functional accessories for medical workers.

A breakaway release is a safety element that keeps the person who is wearing the lanyard protected. They are available in various designs, but most of them include a form of mechanism that opens or gives way when the lanyard is grabbed or snagged on something.

In some cases, a breakaway lanyard may contain a plastic clip that goes around the nape of your neck and releases if the lanyard is tugged out. One common element in these safety lanyards is a quick-release clasp that opens to prevent choking on the lanyard itself. This helps when working in restricted spaces.

Uses of a Breakaway Lanyard

There are various tasks where a lanyard may become entangled in machinery or be tugged on by another person, and a breakaway lanyard can help ensure safety and prevent injury in these situations.

Five different uses of a breakaway lanyard in different industries are as follows. 

Medical Sector

Medical breakaway lanyards are essential as IDs are used for access control, especially in hospitals where contamination is a concern. IDs are already required for security, but with medical professionals and hospital facilities divided into zones, rapid identification passes are required.

Ambulance workers and first responder crews also wear printed lanyards. When trying to identify any paramedics in a stressful scenario immediately, the print or emblems on the strap of a lanyard are more pronounced. 

Industrial Sector

Industries that use heavy machinery have their engineers, repairmen, and auto mechanics wear breakaway lanyards. Their work requires the use of equipment with many exposed moving components, where you must bend or lean over open equipment to use it or repair such equipment. The uses of a breakaway lanyard will ensure no accidents occur at the workplace.

Construction Sites

Construction is a profession in which one is frequently exposed to situations in which physical safety is a primary consideration. While working in a setting where things can get stuck or trapped, you create a safety hazard for yourself and others. A breakaway lanyard ensures that workers do not become entangled in anything and do not cause damage to themselves or the worksite.

Educational Sector

Education may not appear to be as dangerous, but it has the potential for mishaps, especially because it involves kids. A lanyard may be pulled down as a joke or merely to draw attention to itself. Students have been injured by having their necks suddenly yanked downward by someone pulling on a lanyard, even though there was no malice involved of any kind. Breakaway lanyards help keep students safe.

Other Sectors

Lanyards can prove beneficial in almost any form of employment where a physically demanding and confrontational function is required. It may include a bouncer at a nightclub or bar, a security guard, a police officer, or a driver. Numerous jobs expose you to individuals who will grab or tug at your clothing or who may attempt to initiate an argument with you. Breakaway-type lanyards, which are commonly used in these types of occupations, keep employees protected from dangers. 

Different Types and Ways to Attach an ID to a Breakaway Lanyard 

While attaching your ID or card to a breakaway lanyard, you have alternatives ways to choose from. Following are the types and ways to attach different kinds of ID:

Card Clamps

It is a device that clamps a card to a surface. Metal clamp fits the slot on the edge of your ID card, and a spring-loaded latch secures the lanyard. It is one of the best options for sectors where you need to move constantly without worrying about losing your ID card.

Swivel Hook

This is often composed of metal and has a hook that swivels on the bottom of the device. When you have two-sided cards, this is a preferable alternative. Choose wisely to pick a sturdy construction that makes the lanyards durable. 

Split Ring

Ring with a split is used when you have keys that you also need to link to your breakaway lanyard.

A lanyard may not seem vital to workplace safety, but do you really want to take the chances? The use of a Breakaway Lanyard can eliminate the risks of an accident from your workplace. Explore the varieties available or customize your lanyards with the company logo and name.

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