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Fitness influencer and entrepreneur Dan Martin Paul talks about how fitness has become important in today’s age

Ever since the global pandemic hit, people have changed the way they live and have been focusing more on leading healthier lifestyles physically as well as mentally. Dan Martin Paul, a fitness influencer from Canada talks about how the last year has created a sense of the importance of fitness in people’s lives.

He believes in an #AlwaysReadyForIt approach towards everything in his life. Dan Martin Paul was a skinny kid but with his hard work and dedication, he has made himself into someone with a perfect physique and is now helping others achieve the same goal.

Dan notes that in the last year since people were restricted to the confines of their homes, more and more of them have taken a keen interest in changing their lifestyles and adopting one that is healthier and fitter. The covid crisis was unexpected and as a result, it highlighted the importance of having a fit mind and a fit body to be prepared for any consequences that may arise.

Dan is of the belief that fitness is a constant process that requires a lot of discipline instead of it being an overnight journey. He is using his reach as an influencer to help more people lead healthier lives.

Dan Martin Paul was born and brought up in Canada and is currently based out of Quebec. He is 27 years old and started his journey into the ever-growing world of fitness over a decade ago. Now, he is one of the most popular fitness influencers in Canada with a following that spans all quarters.

Wanting to pursue his passion in the world of fitness, Dan also launched his own fitness clothing line called DMP fitness which is creating waves on social media.

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