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First Week of Pregnancy : 10 things to Do in The First Week

Pregnancy is a true blessing after marriage. It is a bond to potential the bonding between husband and wife. There are do’s and don’ts of every in the first week of pregnancy guide. It is a kind of promise to continue the marriage with full dedication and happiness. It may decide that the newlyweds are now ready to plan a family. Let us see the tips to do things in first week.

It is the opening of the happy moments that may lead to the ending in the form of a newly born. This is why people are always conscious about confirming the pregnancy when they plan to conceive. It is a process of knowing about your future family plan.

What is the first week of pregnancy all about?

Well, it is a fact that the first week of the pregnancy is the time which is starting exactly after the ending of the previous months’ menstrual cycle. It will be a confusing time as it is not sure that the woman is pregnant yet or not. So it passes as it is as per the first week of pregnancy guide.

If the woman conceives, then still she isn’t aware of the pregnancy as she will come to know after a month when she will not be having another menstrual tenure and her pregnancy test will be positive, so she has to wait to confirm about the week tags. It is important to note the tips to do things in first week

What are things to do in the first week of pregnancy?

As, the lady isn’t aware of her pregnancy, but still she is with a mindset of planning a family, so she needs to be aware of the pros and cons of whatever she is doing in the current week. She needs to be conscious to protect her pregnancy by things to do in pregnancy.

Let us have a review of the things to do in pregnancy in the first week of pregnancy. They are:

Fatigue in first-week pregnancy

You may feel fatigued and tiredness all day long. It might be due to the internal disturbances in the uterus. It might result in laziness all the time. So try to be active and energetic to stay like normal.

Avoid weightlifting

It is better to avoid weight lifting and doing extra fatigue if you are planning for pregnancy. This may make safe the uterus. Picking up heavy weights may lead to abortion and miscarriage, so it is better to take more rest.

Exercise and walk

The tired feeling and sadness can go by supporting the light kind of exercises like swimming or yoga. You may take a walk in the lawn and park to feel fresh. You may go for a healthy lifestyle to look OK.


Maybe you feel like disrupted plus annoying in the first week if you are expecting. So, try to overcome your mood swings. Better to go through positive images and videos and listen to good tunes.

Body tenderness

Body tenderness is a symbol of pregnancy. So, if you feel like this, then try to apply oil on the body to overcome the tenderness issues.

Stomach upset

The stomach might disturb during the first week. It may result in diarrhoea or vomiting for a day or two. So better to take light meals!

Acne in first of week of pregnancy

The first week may result in acne problem for the hormonal imbalance. The issue can go by applying anti-acne products. It is great among the tips to do things in first week.


Skin dryness probably happens. It is because most of the women face the issues due to hormonal imbalance in the body.


A tired body and fatigue feelings may result in backache, so it is better to take proper rest. Avoid extra level of work plus fatigue to get rid of backache.


Feeling of nausea can be possible due to hormonal switching. It can overcome by taking rest during the feeling of nausea. It is better to eat at times when you feel no nausea.


The first week of pregnancy mostly goes as it is. It is because people aren’t aware of their pregnancy most of the time. But it is better to be vigilant and alert for the first week as it has a potential impact via learning about things to do in pregnancy. As per first week of pregnancy guide, if you are planning a pregnancy, then it is a wonderful thing to consider the first week as a valued one to maintain your body and baby both during the whole tenure of the pregnancy.

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