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‘Final Destination 6’: Zach Lipovsky and Adam B. Stein to Direct After Deadly Zoom Meeting!

Let’s get the ball rolling on this production!

‘Final Destination 6’ Zach Lipovsky and Adam B Stein to Direct After Deadly Zoom Meeting. There is no doubt that frightening films leave an impression long after the end credits have rolled, but the Final Destination franchise is one of the few that truly manages to get under the viewer’s skin.

In the course of these five films, no one ever feels quite as safe getting on a roller coaster, waiting for a train to pass, driving through a car wash, or, heaven forbid, following a truck hauling logs. According to The Hollywood Reporter, New Line Cinema’s terrifying franchise is getting relaunched with Final Destination 6, and Emmy-nominated directors Zach Lipovsky and Adam B. Stein are now officially attached to direct the film. This comes just a little over a decade after the first film in the series was released.

Even though rumors of a reboot have been floating around since 2019, New Line’s next death-defying entry has been delayed in part because of the studio’s search for the ideal director to helm the project. Lipovsky and Stein, best known for their partnership on 2018’s Freaks starring Emile Hirsch, proved their worthiness for helping Death’s continuing saga. Reportedly, over 200 candidates applied for the task, but it was Lipovsky and Stein who proved their worthiness for the position. Not only did the two bring a great appreciation and knowledge of the series, but their pitch via Zoom was also an outstanding display of showmanship.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, in order to present their pitch, Lipovsky and Stein participated in a Zoom call with executives and producers from New Line Cinema. It appeared that everything was proceeding normally until, just as the meeting was drawing to a close, the mantle of the fireplace that was located behind them caught fire. That’s not bad timing, is it? The two filmmakers had just returned to their seats to finish the call when they were once more discombobulated by the appearance of a mysterious creaking sound.

They had just finished quickly putting out the flames. One of the directors was tragically beheaded when, in an instant that stopped everyone’s hearts, the ceiling fan above them fell and smashed to the floor. “The bit, which utilized a combination of pre-recorded footage and visual effects, had transitioned seamlessly and showed their unabashed enthusiasm,” and they earned themselves a spot in Final Destination 6.

Although the specifics of the story for the sixth installment are being kept under wraps, we have already reported that the original writer and creator of the series, Jeffrey Reddick, has confirmed that the reboot will deviate in some ways from the conventional pattern that is followed by most franchises. In spite of this, Final Destination 6 will still begin the killings with a premonition, and a great number of unlucky people will try to con their way off of Death’s list.

The official plot summary for Final Destination 6 states that the plot will center on a group of first responders who narrowly avoid dying a horrible death, which in turn triggers Death’s infamous one-by-one killing spree. This plot summary is accurate as of this writing. The writing of the screenplay has been entrusted to Guy Busick, who is also responsible for the screenplays of the upcoming films Ready or Not (2019) and Scream (2022), as well as Lori Evans Taylor.

There are currently no cast members attached to the production, but the producers of the first film, Craig Perry and Sheila Hanahan Taylor, will be back, along with the director of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Jon Watts, and Atlanta’s Dianne McGunigle.

You can view the first trailer for Final Destination by clicking on the following link:

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