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Figure Out When You Should Replace A Mattress

Figure Out When You Should Replace A Mattress


Just like most commodities, mattresses cannot last for a lifetime. Every mattress has a specific lifespan depending on the material, usage as well as manufacturer. Though most people know the lifespan of mattresses, many do not replace mattresses easily due to the high cost of these products.

Trying to save money by sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress is not smart since it can affect the quality of your sleep and overall health. If you are having trouble falling asleep, an old mattress would be the cause. Here are the signs that can help you know when to replace your current mattress.

The mattress is above eight years

Most people do not keep proper records on things such as when they purchased the mattress they have been sleeping on. If you are one of them, you should start jotting down the date of purchase of such items since this information can help you determine the right time to replace it.

Experts reveal that you should consider replacing your current mattress after seven years of use. Even if the mattress comes with an extended warranty of 20 years, this only covers particular parts, such as the springs of a mattress. It is not an indicator of the overall comfort of the mattress. It means that you should not rely on the warranty to determine the right time to replace your mattress.

Fatigue in the morning

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Fatigue in the morning

Your mattress should help you enjoy a goodnight’s sleep so that you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. If you often experience fatigue every morning after sleeping for hours or deal with drowsiness, you may need to replace your mattress. Before you take this action, you, however, need to rule out any sleep disorders such as sleep apnea.

Constant turning and tossing in your bed due to sleeping on a worn-out mattress cause fatigue in the morning. Your body has to work overtime to help you find a comfortable position when you should be resting.

You wake up feeling pains on different body parts

Do you often experience a stiff neck almost every morning? This should tell you that it is time to replace your old mattress. When a mattress is overused for years, it loses its capacity to offer maximum support to your body. Since the comfort zone of such a mattress is reduced, you tend to sleep directly on its springs, which lead to aches on body parts such as your neck, shoulders, or back.

The comfort layers of the tend to lose their original shape or even compression making your body’s mid-section sag into the old. Uncomfortable pressure points can also prevent you from enjoying your sleep. If the pain only occurs in the morning and gets better as the day progresses, then it could be the cause. Before replacing it, confirm if you are using the wrong firmness level since this can also cause pain in such parts.

You sleep better in other places

You sleep better in other places

Do you often find yourself sleeping better in a hotel bed, couch, or at a friend’s bed compared to your bed? If yes, then you should consider getting a new bed. The mattress you sleep on each night should be not only comfortable but also supportive. It should help you relax fully all through the night without dealing with issues such as constant wakefulness.

The mattress is saggy

Sleeping on a mattress for years makes it look different. You may start seeing some signs of disrepair on the such as sagging at the corners or the middle part, small or large lumps in the imprints of your body on it, or asymmetrical shape. If you notice that one side of your feels softer or harder than the other, this could be a sign of aging.

Noisy mattress

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A good mattress should not produce any groaning or popping noises at any time. Those that feature coils or springs get noisy after a few years of use. This is because the inner workings of such a  can get wacky over time. What supports the determines the level of support you can enjoy from sleeping on it. If you hear such noises, you should check the foundation of the bed and the frame that the sits on. If the box spring is broken or worn out, it can make the less comfortable.

You take longer to fall asleep

According to studies, you should not struggle to sleep for more than 20 minutes. Most people, however, find themselves struggling to fall asleep even for an hour. If you are experiencing such, then a new mattress from Purple is what you need.

You should, however, find out if other possible causes could be leading to this problem, such as anxiety or insomnia. If you ascertain that you have a regular sleep cycle and are healthy, then you should not struggle to fall asleep. Changing your mattress could be an excellent solution to your problem.

You experience constant allergies in the morning

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You experience constant allergies in the morning

Allergy like symptoms such as watery eyes or constant sneezing often come from sleeping on an old mattress. An allergy can get worse at night due to the build-up of allergens on your mattress. With time, spring mattresses accumulate dust mites that cause such symptoms. Dust mites continue multiplying in the cotton layer of a spring.

This problem is less prevalent on such as memory form, waterbed, and latex. You can solve the issue by getting a cover that is resistant to dust mites and washing your pillows regularly. Though such solutions are temporary, buying a new made from quality materials can give you a permanent solution.

Sagging into your mattress

Sometimes, your mattress may not have a noticeable sag, but you may feel as if you hammock into it every time you lie down. This happens when the core of the is too soft. This level of wear can prevent you from sleeping well, and getting new is advisable.

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