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A Great Motivation for new Entrepreneurs – Featuring Henny Yeshanew

When always want to walk towards a new journey of life, we look towards someone who can guide us, tell us what to do, and whatnot. Today, for the people who want to be successful entrepreneurs in the future, we bring you Henok Yeshanew (commonly known as Henny Yeshanew.

Henny, is a young 24 years old industrialist, is the creator of the LION Marketing Agency which has helped many businesses to achieve success and development. His company has been granted the Top Marketing Agency by Canada Marketing Agency in Ontario in 2018 and 2019.

The incredible thing about this young man is he established himself without any specific leads and guidance. At first, he was studying Law as his parents wished, but then he realized he wanted to explore more things. He then got introduced to Digital marketing and hence developed skills accordingly. After working days and nights, he became an inspired and famous young entrepreneur. He has already received an award of Top 40 under 40. Moreover, he is now delivering keynotes and speeches about various topics like branding, marketing, and entrepreneurship, etc on various events.

What motivates Henny Yeshanew to be an Entrepreneurship?

When asked this question, Henny said that the answer to this question will always change from time to time for him. It is true that after gaining something or after some time, our wishes change. Henny said that at that time, he wanted to financially stable and want to be someone whom his family can proud of. He added that he would never satisfy with his achievements. As he knows he could try harder and will continue to learn more things.

Henny’s life as an Entrepreneur

Henny said that one word that can describe his life as an entrepreneur is ‘Uncertainty’. When asked why he said that it has made his life unpredictable and it always remains in the state of flux. It is a fact that in a business, you never know what could happen next. It can be scary, but it will teach you a lot about life and all. At first, you may get tense, but the secret is to stay mentally healthy. If you can keep your mind calm and clear, you can easily focus on the road you want to go to.

Very First Months of Henny as an Entrepreneur

Starting a new business can be scary. It is not easy to leave the current path which you have planned for years and then start your firm. But rather it can be risky and daunting. Henny himself told in an interview that he was very nervous as the first time he was in ‘control’. As an entrepreneur, you have to manage all the things yourself. You cannot trust anyone but your guts.

Henny said that he takes a bit of guidance from some people who were in the same business from five to six years. He learned from their mistakes and tried not to repeat himself. If you want to learn more about Henny Yeshanew, follow him on Instagram @hennyempowers.


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