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Family Reunion Season 2 Renewal with Christmas Special and Season 1 Bonus Episodes Release Date Out!

Netflix’s comedy-drama, Family Reunion will now return for another run, Season 2. But this isn’t what’s coming in the way as Netflix has announced to release a Christmas special episode on 9th December, and 9 more episodes from season 1, respectively.

So, this December, on 9th the Holiday, Netflix will release a special bonus episode of Family Reunion. Moreover, in January 2020, we will have an addition of nine more episodes in Family Reunion comedy pack.

The comedy-drama, Family Reunion follows the life of McKellan family who decides to live together to enjoy a family reunion. Anyhow, the McKellan family reunion gets sparked by immensely wierd and comedy sequences. It certainly hype the intensity of the series.

Now, the McKellan family is getting back on screens following addition of 10 episodes and season 2, respectively. So, all we can expect is to have another mesmerizing season filled with comedy, and happiness. Hope so, it will be less weird for the family to live together while having a family reunion and explore each other. Let’s see what Netflix has set in the fate of Family Reunion.


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