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Facts And Figures About MTOR Antibody

Facts And Figures About MTOR Antibody

The mTOR protein is the target of the FKBP12-rapamycin complex, an immunosuppressive protein, and helps increase the usefulness of mTOR antibodies for several research areas. Antigen and antibody Rapamycin is an anti-cancer and anti-fungal compound produced by soil bacterium and its target MTOR protein.

Antibody Mechanism Of Action

It recognizes specific substances and destroys them. The mTOR antibody detects mTOR protein and inhibits its action. In the presence of sufficient nutrients, it initiates a cascade of signaling pathways leading to cell growth. Further The increased production of mTOR is detected by the mTOR antibody.

Areas Of Research

MTOR antibodies find its application in the field of autophagy, cancer, cell cycle, and replication. Translation control, phosphate-specific signal transduction, hypoxia, DNA repair, and MAP kinases signaling.

Further The common research applications of mTOR antibodies are electron microscopy. ELISA, immunocytochemistry, immunofluorescence, immunohistochemistry, immunoprecipitation, intracellular staining by flow cytometry, proximity ligation assay, sandwich ELISA, and western blot analysis. These antibodies found application in a variety of organisms such as humans, mice, and rats. Further Several different mTOR antibodies are available as per their laboratory use.

Production And Purification Of MTOR Antibodies

Further The use of active immunity for antibody production is not new. It results in the production of antibodies which are then extracted and purified with protein A and affinity chromatography.


mTOR antibodies are highly specific in their detection. But can cross-react with some other proteins in the western blot analysis. Antigen and antibody mTOR antibodies detect the endogenous levels of mTOR protein.

Product Usage And Storage

Further Make a dilution of the product as per your experimental requirement. Make dilution from the stock supplied doesn’t aliquot the antibody it can give an error in the results.

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