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Factors to Remember While Buying Property in Dubai Marina and JBR

The most coveted places in Dubai are without a shadow of a doubt, Dubai Marina and JBR. This article lists down the insight from these areas of sales specialists in order to enlighten you through the property buying process.

Dubai Marina seems to have no flaws when you look at its attractive high towers, stunning views, and yachts. This bustling place provides a metropolitan and sophisticated lifestyle. Not to mention that it includes the Jumeirah Beach Residence neighborhood which always has access to the beach. Living in the Dubai Marina does not only mean that you are surrounded by elites but this community gives immense value to families, individuals, and couples.

However, since there are many towers to pick, it can be a difficult task to select where to live. You might be thinking about how to cope with the traffic of JBR or Dubai Marina, invest in a high-quality apartment, and pay a maintenance fee that is not that expensive. If you want to choose a suitable property for your lifestyle, keep on reading.

1. Location above everything

Both the Jumeirah Beach Residence and Dubai Marina are crowded places where the rush is the norm. This is why location is everything before thinking about where to purchase property in these places. Both JBR and Dubai Marina are attractive tourist destinations. If you want to avoid traffic as much as possible along with experiencing the benefits of living there, you should select a house in such a tower which gives direct access in and out of the area.

In Jumeirah Beach Residence community, Murjan is a great choice. It’s also a decent place for Islamic people as it includes a mosque. The quality is premium especially in the Murjan towers 2 and 3. Murjan also boasts great access in and out of Jumeirah Beach Residence. There is a cluster of 6 towers which have the names Shams, Bahar, Amwaj, Murjan, Sadaf, and Rimal. All these towers boast outstanding quality and standards.

As for Dubai Marina, Al Bateen and Botanical are excellent options, especially for avoiding traffic. After these addresses, Marina Keys is also a better location. On the right side of Dubai Marina is located Marina Quays which offers clear access to the tram. In the Emirates Crown, a 2 bedroom apartment amounts to 2,600 square feet and it is ideal for people who want sufficient space. Compared to Dubai Marina, a 2 bedroom apartment there is between the length of 1,400 and 1,600 square feet.

2. For the spectacular views

The majority of buildings in the Dubai Marina boast excellent views of the Palm Jumeirah, but only if your house is located at the top of the tower. A better view comes with a higher price. Similarly, Al Bateen shows a decent view of the Dubai Eye, which is a world’s landmark.

However, do not base your decision on the view only as many projects are upcoming in Jumeirah Beach Residence.

3. The perks

If you decide to settle in the busiest metropolitan communities in Dubai, you are bound to experience some perks. For instance, a private beach accompanies Al Bateen which you can find nowhere else. Both alcohol license and complete sea views can be enjoyed in this development.

As for Jumeirah Beach Residence, you will definitely come across a gym or a mosque in each cluster. Moreover, the restaurants and hotels located in the vicinity of Jumeirah Beach Residence offer a 20% discount to the residents.

4. Service charges

When it comes to service charges, the Emaar 6 towers boast the lowest. It is presently at the rate of AED 13 per square foot. The low rates of service charge are due to the powerful presence of a homeowner’s association. Service charges along with fees consist of the transfer fees, agents fees, and registration trustee fee. All of these have to be paid by the owner of the Dubai property. Therefore, make sure you are familiar with the service charge of the building or tower you are interested in.

5. Off-plan choices

Both Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence are always seen with the latest developments and projects. The most famous one is the Marina Gate. This project comprises 3 towers and offers simple access to the Marina berths.

In case you are searching for a completely different address with a Marina, then Dubai Maritime City is the place for you.

Building research

After you have decided which area to settle in, it is time to do building or tower research. This is a very important research topic that should be done before buying property in Dubai. Know the following factors of a building before renting or buying:

1.  Year of completion

Know the age of the building. For instance, if you want to buy an apartment in Al Majara Complex, the project was completed in 2006. This means it is a 15 year old project. After knowing the age, observe its construction and if it is maintained properly.

2.  Developer

Buying or investing in a property that was made by a famous developer is important. The developer should have a credible reputation. It’s advised to meet the developer of the building you are interested in so that you can get to know him or ask any questions.

3.  Present market trends

When buying property in Dubai, you have to be keen on current market trends. You should know the market trends of the building in which you are interested. You can ask your agent to give you the following information:

  1. Current rental returns or asking price
  2. Selling price comparison on a quarterly basis
  3. Historical rental charts

4.  Service fee

Dubai has no property tax but the owners are required to pay the annual service charges. This charge influences the return on investment which your property makes. Learn the service charge of the nearby buildings and the facilities other residents in the buildings enjoy. Compare it with your own to determine you are not getting an overpriced service charge.

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