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Everything to know about renting a car

Renting a car isn’t an easy task. There are so many things that you must know before renting a car. If you know everything about renting a car, then it will save you a lot of money. So, if you’re renting a car first time in your life and know nothing about it, this guide is best for you. You can rent a car Dubai if you’re visiting there for the first time.

So, for renting a car, the following are the things to know:

Do not rent a car at the airport:

If you rent a car at the airport, then you need to pay extra money. The reason is the car renting agencies which work on the airports also pay them, and they charge this money for their customers. So, customers pay the extra money and if you want to save that money, then avoid renting a car at the airport. Hiring a cab work better if you’re at the airport because it will save you a lot of money; thus, avoid renting a car while you’re at the airport.

Tell them the minimum number of drivers:

You pay them extra as the number of drivers increase, so tell them the minimum number of drivers. If you tell them a greater number of drivers, it doesn’t matter the same number of drivers drive the car or not; you have to pay them extra. So, to save your money, keep the number of persons who drive the car minimum.

Fill the tank of the car before returning it:

Don’t return the car with an empty tank. If you do so, you have to pay three times or even four times more money as compare to the fuel’s price. So, before returning the car, go to the nearer gas station and fill the tank of that car and then return it. It will save you that additional cost.

Try to drive that car only on the paved path:

If you don’t do so and take that car on some off-road adventures, you have to pay extra for the damages. To save the car from any kind of damage, keep it on the safe, secure, and paved path. If the car gets damaged, then it will affect your budget a lot, and they charge you a lot, so keep that thing in your mind and try to take care of the car and only drive it on the paved roads. It will save you from paying extra money for any kind of damage.

Check the car before selecting it:

Before renting a car, don’t forget to check the vehicle properly. If you don’t check the car before taking it, in the end, you may pay for the damage which is already occurred. Most of the time, people don’t notice that the car is already damaged from some part; in the end, renting the company takes advantage of that thing and charges them for the damage that isn’t even caused by them. So, don’t forget to check the car before selecting it. Not only check the car’s exterior and interior, but also check it’s performance and its speed, and select the car after checking everything.


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