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Eva Stories Wins Webbys

Eva Stories Wins Webbys

As many as two this year’s Webby honors went into the hands of the creators of ‘Eva Stories’, a modern-day take on the true and tragic fate of a Jewish teenager in Nazi-controlled Hungary. The Webbys are widely acclaimed as the Oscars of the Internet and are awarded each year to noteworthy online projects in numerous categories.

The ‘Eva Stories’ project, created by tech magnate Mati Kochavi and his daughter Maya Kochavi, earned the two a Webby for Best Use of Stories and another one for Best Campaigns on Social Media.

Eva Stories consists of 70 Instagram stories as if recorded by Eva Heyman, a 13-year-old born in 1931 in Oradea, Transylvania, imagined as if she had a smartphone and used it to keep in touch with her followers.

During the Nazi occupation, Heyman started keeping a diary that became almost as famous as Anne Frank’s to which it is often compared. She perished in the Auschwitz concentration camp, alongside her grandparents, in 1944.

The Instagram profile features actors and actresses playing Eva, her family, and friends, and appears no different than any typical modern teenager’s – filled with selfies and photos of other people.

Although such an approach has attracted controversy and criticism, its unique style of storytelling has also been met with praise and acknowledgment, among others from the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum.

The creators of the project, Mati and Maya Kochavi, said in a statement that “the Israeli nation made the story of Eva in that they adopted her, loved her, and followed her. After them, came millions of viewers around the world”.

Eva Heyman’s diary was chosen among dozens of others, as the authors believed the modern youth could identify with and connect to her the most. And they were right – the ‘Eva.Stories’ Instagram account has attracted more than 1.3 followers, many of whom are young people.

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