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Essentials to Keep In Mind When Buying Marijuana Seeds

Growing healthy personal or commercial cannabis starts with selecting the right cannabis seeds for your cultivation. There are hundreds of cannabis strain varieties, and your choice of seeds depends on various factors. Here is a guide to deciding the right cannabis seeds for cultivation.

Consider your growing style.

Consider your grow style before selecting a cannabis strain because different strains do well in different growth conditions. For instance, auto-flowering cannabis seeds tend to do better indoor than other types because they are small and automatically flower at a certain age regardless of the light exposure. On the other hand, outdoor growing is well suited for cannabis strains more resistant to pests and fungi.

Choose a reputable seller.

When buying cannabis seeds, begin by choosing a reputable cannabis seed selling company. Many cannabis seed sellers promise good quality seeds at low prices, but you never know if they are worth it until you try them. Ensure you do your due research to find a trustworthy seller of cannabis seeds. Browse through their website, such as https://ilgm.com/collections/california-cannabis-seeds, to check reviews and read customers’ feedback. That can help you make a good choice on the right seeds to buy.

The expected CBD, THC, and CBN content

For many consumers, CBD, THC, and CBN levels are fundamental in determining if the cannabis product is suitable for them, especially medical cannabis. While some prefer cannabis with high THC levels (the psychoactive component), others prefer cannabis with higher CBD instead to reduce the psychoactive effect of the product. That helps Marijuana consumers select the cannabis strain they want and be scientific to explore various cannabis strains. So enquire from the cannabis seller about the expected CBN, THC, and CBN content in the Marijuana strain you intend to cultivate.

Expected terpenes of the cannabis strain

Terpenes are essential to consumers. This is one of the components found in cannabis that determines its taste, flavor, and what it feels like to smoke it. For instance, buds with more myrcene lead to foster highs. Other terpenes such as borneol were used traditionally as a sedative to relieve stress. Eucalyptol is one of the significant distinctions between Sativa and Indica strains and is responsible for the uplifting effect of some cannabis strains. Keep in mind that to preserve terpenes, you must dry and cure the Marijuana buds properly.

Consider your target audience.

If growing cannabis for personal use, you don’t want to cultivate buds that you are not comfortable smoking. On the other hand, if cultivating for commercial purposes, consider what the consumers want. Find out about the popular strains in marijuana dispensaries because it is advantageous to produce what the people want. When selecting cannabis seeds for commercial cultivation, it is also essential to diversify. Having a high for different occasions matters to many consumers. A little research doesn’t hurt. It helps you keep track of cannabis strains that sell best.

Are the seeds feminized?

Unless you need the male cannabis plant for cross-breeding purposes, always choose feminized cannabis seeds. They guarantee total yields without worrying about male plants fertilizing females and producing seeds instead of bulky flowers/buds.

The takeaway

Invest in cannabis seeds with good genetics to mitigate the effects of spoiled growth.

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