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Essential Questions To Ask Your Electrician

Essential Questions To Ask Your Electrician


All households always aim to get the most value for their money every time they call a professional for help. They would appreciate it if the skilled person will provide them with the best services every time they hire one to help them handle a problem at home. It is also what they expect whenever they call a professional electrician to fix a problem in their electrical systems at home. But before hiring an electrician, it is crucial to know what the person can do so you can set your expectations right from the start. The answers to the questions will also let you know if he has the qualifications needed for safe handling of your electrical systems.

Here are some of the basic questions that you must ask your electrician before you can allow him to fix the electrical systems at home.

Do you have a license? 

It is always important to ask first if the person applying to work on your electrical system has the legal requirement needed by every electrician. Every state in Australia like New South Wales requires electricians to apply for a license before they can get a job. They need to comply with all the rules set by the state where they intend to practise their skills, then ask for the certification from the state’s governing body. If the electrician cannot present a license, it could be dangerous to hire him because he may not have enough experience or skills to do the right job.

Do you have insurance?

Electricians handle one of the most dangerous works in the world. They are often at risk of getting electrocuted if something goes wrong. Because of this, the electrician that you plan to hire must present a Public Liability Insurance policy. Without one, you will be at risk of paying a considerable amount of money for his hospitalisation if there’s an accident while working for you.

Do you have any references? 

It is crucial to ask for any references when hiring a person that will work for a significant home renovation or construction project. It will let you know if the electrician worked properly for his past clients. If he has nothing to hide, he will be able to provide you with a list of clients that he worked for in the past who can vouch for his skills and expertise. You may also look for some client testimonials posted online to learn how his past clients find his work ethics.

Do you have a specific speciality? 

Most electricians have a particular specialisation or the field of electrical work that they have the most training or experience in the past. Some electricians work better in the installation and maintenance of the electrical system in commercial buildings and making it safe and conducive for work. In contrast, others are best for taking care of wires installed in residential properties. If you need someone who can work for the electricity system of your home, you need to hire someone who specialises in residential electrical problems.

Also, you need to ask the electrician if he can stick to a feasible working schedule since it would cost a lot of money if the project gets delayed all the time. You also need to inquire if the electrician’s work comes with a warranty since there might be a chance to encounter any form of problems even after the job is over. All these questions are necessary so you can only work with the best electrician that can handle your electrical system.

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