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Essential Guide for a Successful Holiday Email Marketing Campaign

The advent of the Internet redefined the rules of marketing all over the world. It transformed the way consumers engage with brands and paved the way for companies to put customer preferences at the heart of what they do. Because of this, the old way of doing marketing is rendered less effective, with the focus shifting more towards digital marketing. This type of marketing, also known as web marketing, has wider and significantly more measurable reach, effectively connecting real-time opportunities between consumers and businesses.

Traditional marketing is made more effective by collecting data through market research and analysis. What the Internet does is turn this data collection method simpler, better, and faster—a ground-breaking yet overdue upgrade for the 21st century. Marketers who are ahead of their games provide comprehensive and unparalleled email marketing services so any business can better realize their strategies and goals.

How businesses benefit from email marketing services

Sending emails started as a convenient and quick mode of communication. Its proven effectiveness on bridging connections evolved to a promising avenue where businesses can touch-base with undecided, repeat, and advocate customers. Email inboxes are among the most effective way to communicate with consumers because of a multitude of reasons:

  • People of varying age groups have an email account. Although many users lounge on social media, which is another great way to market products and services, email marketing services are reported to realize the most ROI from their email campaigns. This success can partly be attributed to email accounts having the most users.
  • Individuals tend to pay better attention to their email accounts. Messages sent through this channel are more private and personal, not to mention less cluttered, an idyllic avenue to capture consumer attention and retention.
  • Customers appreciate emails. This rings true to many potential clients who want to hear about the brands first before deciding to purchase. It is important to note that emailing consumers is only possible after permission is obtained. Surprisingly, many people are more than happy to give out their emails when brands ask them to. This is especially the case when businesses offer valuable content and irresistible discounts.
  • Email marketing complements other marketing efforts. As an example, users who browse through social media first then receive an email marketing next tend to feel valued and important for receiving personalized messages from a well-known brand. The right mix of social media and email marketing can create excellent brand value in many cases. This is why a growing number of businesses are interested in email marketing services that provide unprecedented local and international brand recognition and growth.

Email marketing, without a doubt, is effective. Apparently, communicating with consumers is harder said than done. After all, email marketing is about engaging consumers and not bombarding their inboxes. Effective use of this marketing tool requires strategic planning, at the least.

How email marketing services make businesses celebrate during the holiday season

The holiday season accounts for a large portion of annual sales. For this reason, the holidays are an important season to campaign for. A good email marketing campaign is borne out of excellent planning and precise execution. A game-changing email marketing campaign is done by email marketing services that are skilled at master planning and military precise execution. If brands desire to market their products well online and during the holidays, these few steps will help:

  1. Attract consumers

Attracting a target audience is not only focused on one pool of people. During the holidays, there are at least three kinds of shoppers that brands will have to work hard to attract:

  • Early birds. These shoppers aim to shop ahead of the crowd for a more seamless shopping experience. There would be fewer queues, fewer chances of price inflation for seasonal products, and more time in their hands.
  • Deal seekers. They are people who are after holiday deals, discounts, and promotions. Depending on a product or service, a brand’s audience may have more early birds or more deal seekers. With the right marketing tools, the behavior and preferences of one’s consumers can be understood.
  • Last-minute shoppers. Generally, they are people who had other priorities months and weeks before the holiday season. Businesses who end up having many customers who fit this bill should ensure last-minute shoppers think of their brand first and that supplies are adequate.
  1. Engage consumers

Customers do not love all types of emails. To prevent a brand’s paid-for efforts from ending up in the Spam folder, it is important to send an engaging email the first time and every time. These tips are proven to help engage consumers:

  • Create striking subject lines. Email marketing services know how to evoke curiosity and create buzz through the art of subject lines. Some of their techniques use how-to subject lines, an open-ended question, and a trendy statement. Ultimately, subject lines serve the main purpose of generating clicks.
  • Experts suggest creating a paragraph or two of text, a photo, and a call-to-action message. The content of the email should communicate the value the brand seeks to bring to its audience. A stellar way to do this is to tell short stories provocative enough to create a connection among consumers.
  • Promote the business as the ‘first brand of choice’. This appeal can be achieved through a purposefully master-planned three-series email. The first email should make the content or promotion jump at the reader. The second email should remind the consumer of it, and the third email should create a sense of urgency that calls for action.
  1. Delight consumers

Delighting customers is as important during the product purchase as it is after. Making a purchase-worthy product and an after-sales service is vital.

Are email marketing services worth the time?

Email marketing is a great tool to communicate with consumers. The amount of personalization and privacy is commendable, with promising affordability and ROI. What makes email marketing effective is its ability to work hand in hand with other marketing efforts. Since there’s a lot of persuasions and consumer psychology involved with this tool, many businesses end up maximizing their efforts and gains by touch basing with email marketing Campaign services.

Abubakar is a writer and digital marketing expert. Who has founded multiple blogs and successful businesses in the fields of digital marketing, software development. A full-service digital media agency that partners with clients to boost their business outcomes.


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