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Eric Minoli supports you in the digital transformation of your company

Digital disruption and the use of analytics, mobile and social are changing every industry and organization. We are living in a technology-driven world where you are being measured based on how much of this world you consume. Eric Minoli as the leader you should be talking with for a consultancy with innovative ideas that will drive success. He is a business transformation and innovation guru and has a 30-year track record in the transformation of companies in the media and education sectors. His agency, Calimero Consulting is recognized as a trusted digital transformation partner, having won multiple business transformation awards.

Career Path

Eric Minoli has been with Calimero Consulting, an innovation-driven innovation consultancy. He has been recognized as an innovator, thought leader, author and consultant. Eric has the experience and proven ability to help companies and organizations improve business processes and deliver improved customer experiences through his extensive and well-established networks.

The Most Valuable Profession(s)

Eric Minoli is passionate about empowering companies with innovative strategies, smart technology, and business transformations. He has developed an innovative and cost-effective approach for managing the transformation of your business processes with high levels of success. Eric’s creativity, innovation, and commitment to your success are the keys to developing a fully connected, intelligent, and sustainable business.

Services that Mr. Minoli provides include:

  1. Self-service Management

Conductive tools allow for the integration of business process management into your existing technology environment and serve as a foundation for developing new applications that can improve your business processes and deliver improved customer experiences.

  1. Edge Applications

Collaboration and accessibility are key drivers in today’s business world. Edge applications, which support use cases at the edge of the enterprise, are easily accessible from a single point and can facilitate remote connectivity with the rest of the enterprise.

  1. Digital and social networking

Social networking brings new levels of collaboration and knowledge sharing. Through social networking technologies, consumers and citizens share ideas, interact and develop products that can save time, improve relationships, and enhance community and culture. This is the key component to improving customer experiences.

Creating Innovative Solutions that Drive Business Success

Eric Minoli is the expert you should be working with for a consultative engagement with Calimero Consulting. In many cases, he will deliver the capability you need to solve your business challenges and improve your business processes. With his consulting experience and proven track record of helping businesses grow and succeed, Eric is the expert you should be working with.

Not just this, he’s also a much sought-after speaker on the subject of disruptive technology, digital disruption, and agile transformation. If you are planning to visit an event or you want to hire a speaker, you can’t miss his expertise and passion.

Challenges in Transformation

He may face various challenges in digital transformation. Some of the challenges include:

Sustainability and ROI: How to start with a small transformation to find the areas to extend it in the future

Iterative and Flexible Architectures: Learning from successful and failed projects and bringing them back to the success column

Keep it Simple: The desire for IT to take on everything and implement a variety of systems is misguided

Managing the Organizational Journey: Transforming an organization through its culture


Eric Minoli has the expertise to understand the needs and challenges of your business. He is the founder of Calimero Consulting and has over 30 years of experience. The knowledge he has acquired over the years coupled with his vast experience in transforming organizations into digital and connected enterprises is what makes him the perfect person to assist your business in building and deploying digital transformation strategy to its full potential.

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