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Eric Leopardi and NFL Record-holder Ron Dixon Revive Travel TV with 2 THE MAXX

Travel was one of the first restrictions placed on us as a result of COVID-19. In November 2020, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated the protocols that they use for the Travel Health Notices (THNs) to alert travelers of health threats worldwide. The three-level system was converted to a four-level system.

Some countries are still cutting off all outside travel, including much of Europe, but for those who do accept visitors, there are restrictions to follow. These are the types of challenges that Ron Dixon will face as he sets out seeking adventure worldwide in 2 THE MAXX. He and his crew, including executive producer Eric Leopardi, will face limitations before they ever set foot on set. Dixon and Leopardi are the first to kickstart travel amidst the challenges and restrictions.

“Knowing that we are going to be fulfilling the need for travel and adventure that many can’t get right now is rewarding. Working with Ron and planning the show has made me hopeful that we can turn the entertainment industry around after this pandemic.” From this statement, you can see that Leopardi is optimistic that the work he and Dixon are doing with the show will leave its mark on the American viewers.

One of the featured adventures will take Dixon, his crew, and an unsuspecting celebrity athlete to Nepal for skydiving at Mt. Everest. As of publication, the government of Nepal is issuing tourist visas. All visitors (5 years and older) are required to have a COVID-19 test at least 72 hours prior to departure. A mandatory 10-day quarantine is in effect but can be reduced to 7 days if a second negative test is confirmed on the fifth day of arrival.

Nepal’s government also requires trekkers and mountaineers to have a permit and negative COVID-19 test to enter the Kathmandu Valley from any other district. These travelers also have to have at least $5,000 worth of insurance for COVID-related treatment.

This means that Dixon and his fellow travelers will be required to test negative for COVID-19 prior to travel and undergo a 7 to 10 day quarantine period before they will be able to begin shooting the adventure. Once they have completed all necessary shooting, they will have to produce a negative COVID-19 test before coming back into the United States.

Dixon’s 2 THE MAX will be a six-episode show filling a 30-minute time slot this fall on NBC Sports. Each episode will feature Dixon, a new guest athlete, travel, adventure, and ample adrenaline.


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