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Germany’s entrepreneur Florian Sondershausen explains how digital finance is a game-changer for everyone

There goes a popular saying that says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” In simple words, to reach the apex of your career, you must work as a team and fulfill your dreams. No great thing is merely achieved by doing it alone. Florian Sondershausen, a serial entrepreneur and a digital finance marketer from Germany proves it. He is the Managing Director and founder of Sondershausen Media Gmbh. It is a joint venture commenced by his business partner Christian Haag. Working together and bringing their skills on the same platform, the duo has rightly brought a change in the digital era.

With their skills, they are helping people in positioning in the digital world with the right values. However, for Florian, getting into the field of digital finance was not easy since the start. But he spent an ample number of time over the internet that ignited his passion for digital finance. According to the digital marketer, there is a great scope for business for many entrepreneurs over the internet. “I remember when I did my first job, it had a lot to do on the internet. That’s when I understood the power of the web and how integral it can be in day-to-day lives”, quoted Mr. Sondershausen.

Much before he began his career as a digital finance marketer, Florian worked as a gamer for WOW Games. Earning good fortunes there, the entrepreneur in a very short time carved his name among the best gamers. During that time, his passion for cooking and the dream to become a chef also happened for which he worked at a restaurant and earned accolades for his culinary skills. But little did Florian know that there was some other plan for him in the store. His adventurous career was waiting for him to explore the field of digital finance.

Things fell into place when Florian after a short training became an expert in digital finance. Through digital means and making investments in the digital currency, the marketer is easily clocking 6-figure monthly sales. Mastering himself in this field has enabled Florian to help many people who want to earn their livelihood and live a life full of luxuries. While concluding, Florian Sonderhausen stated that people need to understand the money system today that could bring a revolution tomorrow. Calling digital finance the present and the future, he emphasizes the need for investing in digital currency.

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