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Elevator shoes for men

The fashion industry continues to evolve along with time. Once upon a time when wearing high heel shoes by men was a huge fashion statement, today it is almost a rarity to see men walking in public with high heeled shoes, reason being that men would desire to add an extra inch to their height but in a discrete way, hence elevator shoes manufacturers like Guido Maggi have creatively designed models of shoes that can discretely add height to the wearer.

What are elevator shoes?

Elevator shoes are shoes whose insoles are made from plastic or wood and help to increase the height of the wearer without being obvious to onlookers. Elevator shoes are quite different from high heeled shoes in the area of appearance. While high heeled shoes are built exteriorly, elevator shoes are built so that the shoe lifts are discrete.

Why elevator shoes are comfortable for your feetElevator shoes for men


The erroneous myth that elevator shoes are bad for the feet lacks any iota of scientific proof to back it up. Elevator shoes are skillfully and well-crafted to give the wearer that soothing and relaxed feel in their feet. Interestingly, the wrong notion that elevator shoes are bad for the feet has propagated by people who do not wear them.

They anchor their beliefs on mere assumptions. Men who wear elevator shoes have continued to testify about how great the shoes are on their feet. One outstanding testimony from users of elevator shoes is that they give the wearer that extra bit of height, thereby providing them with the much-needed confidence they truly desire.

Experiencing discomfort and pain in the feet are as a result of certain factors that do not associate with the wearing of elevator shoes.

Factors that bring discomfort in feet


As with any other kind of shoes, wearing the wrong size of shoes is the major reason why you may feel discomfort in your feet. The feet need space to breathe. If large feet have cramped into a wrongly sized shoe, then the wearer would have to deal with a great level of discomfort. Poorly fitted shoes are a recipe for disaster.

They do not only create pain and discomfort for the wearer but could point to conditions such as:

  • Capsulitis: This is a condition that occurs when ligament for capsules around the joint at the sole of your toe becomes swollen. It can cause by too much pressure on the ball of the foot.
  • Athlete’s foot: The excessive sweating of the feet causes this as a result of very tight shoes. It is a fungal infection that affects the feet.
  • Ingrown toenails: This occurs when the edge of your toenails cut into your skin.

Shoes that is too flat

Flat shoes may cause one to feel pain and discomfort in their feet. Flat shoes have not made with an arch, which can mean providing support for your feet. The wearing of flat shoes over a long period causes a strain on your feet because your foot muscles try to serve as arch support for your feet while you are walking.

Standing/Working for long periods

Regardless of the type of shoe you are putting on, standing or working for long period’s cause’s enormous strain on your muscles, joints, ligaments, etc. It could lead to swollen and painful feet.

Flat feet

Having flat feet or high arches is a natural way you can feel discomfort in your feet. A person with flat feet tends to strain the ligaments on both inside and outside of their ankles.

Selecting the right shoes to wear to avoid pain and discomfort in feet

Picking the right shoes to wear requires some element of thoughtfulness. Some people select shoes solely based on beauty and quality while ignoring how well the shoe fits on their feet. You must take appropriate measurements of your feet to get the correct size before buying any shoes.

  • Elevator shoes come in different sizes that take care of every individual who chooses both style and comfort.
  • Elevator shoes for men (They call them scarpe con rialzo uomo in Italian) are well crafted and designed to give you that classic and confident look.
  • Also; elevator shoes have built to give the wearer a great deal of comfort; hence, they feel good on the wearer’s feet.

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