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Marketing Tips for Electrician Contractors in 2021

For building a successful electrical contracting business, you have to be skillful. But these skills are not your hands-on techniques related to the job but of marketing. To really stand out among your competitors, you must combine your electrical industry knowledge and marketing knowledge. You would want potential customers to find your business when they search for electrician contractors on Google. Here are few marketing tips that electrician service providers can follow in 2021:

Build A Mobile-Friendly Website

Having a website is extremely important for advertising your business. However, don’t forget to optimize the website for small digital devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. Customers must find your website mobile-friendly and check it quickly. As now most people use a smartphone, it would give them the convenience to reach out to your business. Your website must be fast, easy to navigate, secure, and quickly accessible to customers. Otherwise, they will lose patience and move onto your competitor’s site.

Optimize Your Website

Today, above 90% of consumers use the web to search for local businesses. So, while you strategize your electrical advertising ideas to optimize your business, focus on busy homeowners. Where do they search when they want an electrician? Do they knock on their neighbor’s door and ask for referrals? Nope, not so much as the internet is here. They search online for an electrical service provider. Therefore, it is important to optimize your website with the best local keywords on electrical services. It will allow your website to come on top of search ranks. And most people contact from the top three search results. Therefore, you would want to introduce the right SEO keywords for marketing your business organically. Check the website here for more information.

Set Your Marketing Budget And Adjust

Before starting your marketing campaigns, you must determine its budget. What percentage of your sales would you invest in marketing in traditional and/or digital media? The experts in the electrical marketing industry say that they must dedicate 10-15 percent of their sales to marketing. For growing the business, it is extremely important. Investing 5 percent only for marketing is an extremely small budget, yielding only minimal results. So, set a reasonable marketing budget and then decide where you should spend your dollars for maximizing electrician marketing profits.

Track Leads And Reports

How can you measure advertising and marketing success if you don’t track and report leads? For measuring the success via digital marketing, electrician contractors must track the leads and reports of each advertising campaign of electrician services. If you have hired a marketing agency that isn’t giving you a clear picture, then you must switch to a reputed agency. When you are allocating your dollars for marketing, you must know whether each decision is right or need improvement in the future. So, you need full transparency and all detailing about each lead via tracking and reporting. It will enable you to calculate the cost while you determine your ROI.

Have Transparency With Customer Calls

When your customers call you, you must listen to every call with accuracy and then act upon it. It will help you check which service calls are generating actual leads from your authentic customers. You can use call tracking software for more transparency and create records of the conversations. It will give you the chance to look into the conversations for reference. However, you won’t get a clear picture if you listen to few calls instead of all. Every call would need thorough listening and then placed into a particular classification. First of all, not every customer will be new, and not every customer will be repetitive. So, listening to every call, you must separate the existing customers from new customers. If need be, hire a couple of people to take care of the calls and do the classification for you.

Verify Your Google My Business Page And Promote

Just creating a Google My Business page is not enough. It has to be verified, and then promotion is important. Verifying your Google My Business page is a simple task and also free. Therefore, it’s time that you take up your time to set up a high-quality business profile for attracting new customers. Nowadays, people first search on Google about a service. So, if your service matches their requirement and provides service in that area, it creates an opportunity for your business to come on top of search results. In case your company provides multiple electrical businesses around a certain state, create different Google My Business pages for the same. When you already have a site like a website here, you can link it to the Google My Business page.

Use Videos And Blogs To Tell Company’s Story

Unless you let your customers know about your company’s story, how will you know about your customers? Therefore, on your website, you can post videos and blogs about your company. It helps to build authority among your target audience, besides improving your search engine rank. Therefore, the chance of getting ranked in organic search increases. It’s one of the best ways to market your electrical service company and also inexpensive compared to various other marketing tactics. As electrician contractors, you have to do something different than your competitors on the marketing front.

Ask Customers For Genuine Google Review

More and more consumers are now on an online shopping spree. Therefore, you must ask your customers to give their honest reviews on your Google My Business page. But how will you do it without looking forceful or needy? You can customize a message to make it look like a personal request. However, to receive 5-star Google reviews, your electrical services have to be fantastic. When your Google My Business page receives more good reviews, it will surely create a wonderful impression among your future customers. But don’t forget to reply to each review at least within 2-3 days. It creates a good impression among your existing customers.

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