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Eight Challenges That Women Entrepreneurs Face

Eight Challenges That Women Entrepreneurs Face

Women Entrepreneurs is a buzzword that has much more common usage now than about a decade ago. But what does it mean? Well, to flatten the hype of this word, it is just another fancy word for business, but with some innovation. A business often accompanies many challenges, especially for women.

women Entrepreneurship

Our society’s expectations from both men and women differ due to some pre-established notions. As women are now moving into roles that were previously considered gender-specific, they have to cope with society’s antagonism to such a change. From financing to inequality in the entire system, women Entrepreneurship simply does not have a level playing field while competing with a male entrepreneur. She faces obstacles in her business every step of the way, and many of these hindrances are gender-specific. However, this does not deter many successful women entrepreneurs who not only overwhelm the challenges but also prosper.

Women Entrepreneurs

When one thinks of a business, the mind goes straight to big conglomerates that occupy most of the big businesses in the world. However, if you look around locally, the number of small businesses exceed the big businesses by a considerable amount. So, it is logical to imagine that following this universal trend, most of the Women Entrepreneurs own small businesses. Among other issues, women entrepreneurs also have to cope with the financing challenges such as getting a line of credit for their small business. We will discuss and elaborate on eight such challenges for women in this article.

Financing issues

Funding a business is one of the biggest issues that most of businesses face around the world. However, this problem is compounded in the case of Women Entrepreneurship. As the system is driven basically by patriarchy, they face trust issues from lenders when applying for small business loans or line of credit. These gender biases usually get in the way of a woman’s business becoming successful.


Cultural and social expectations

Women also have to fight the pre-established notion of a nurturing role assigned by society to the female gender. This means that society has defined gender roles such as housewives for females. They see them doing business, they are frowned upon. Culture fails to see that a woman can multitask.  she should have the choice to choose what she wants to do with her life. This creates incredible difficulties for a woman entrepreneur as the society does not approve the idea of her running a business and making is successful.

Balancing Responsibilities

It is sometimes difficult for a woman to balance her work and private life. many women Entrepreneurship believe in taking control of their lives in the private sphere instead of relying on help. When she is not able to manage this balance, her productivity of running a business successfully also gets affected.

Struggle for Women Entrepreneurs

A woman generally also has to struggle for respect among her male peers. Every woman has faced discrimination based on her gender at least once in her life. This discrimination extends to the role of leadership too. A patriarchal male is not ready to submit to the authority of a woman even though she might be her boss. This, in turn, creates problems for a woman entrepreneur to make her business profitable.

The fear of failure

Everyone a fear of failure, but in the case of a woman, this fear heightened. The combined with the other problems discussed so far. This not only discourages a woman from working hard for her business. but can also force her to give up altogether.

Gender Inequality

Our whole society has historically been based on patriarchal foundations which means everything happens according to the androcentric point of view. To put this in simple words, everything from politics to laws, religion, and culture is male-centric. As an example, most of the corporate laws only accommodate men, and for a women Entrepreneurs to work in such an environment becomes an increasingly challenging task.


Networking is one of the key requirements to make a business successful. One should be able to establish contacts and relationships with a vast variety of people. Since most of the industry male-dominated, it becomes a disadvantage for Women Entrepreneurs. It also comes at a risk of men exploit her networking to establish personal relations which is nothing short of an unnecessary nuisance for women.

Limited Knowledge

A widely known women issue is that they face harassment; hence they limit their social interactions as much as possible. However, learning is a continuous process that accompanies these social interactions. Although Women Entrepreneurs is looking out for herself by avoiding these interactions.she is missing the opportunity to learn something new every day.


Female entrepreneurs do not have it easy when it comes to making a business successful in a male-dominated society. She not only faces harassment but also has to cope with gender equality and general bias. However, this does not mean that she should not pursue her business. As the famous saying goes, success lies beyond the comfort zone. women should take it as a challenge to defeat patriarchy in society.

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