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Ear Nose and Throat – Is Your Sore Throat Caused by Covid, or Something Else?

So you’ve woken up with an irritated throat. Even though COVID numbers are looking better recently, you’re attempting to be careful and need to ensure you don’t spread COVID to people around you. You realize sore throats can have loads of various causes, and you wonder: is this sore throat COVID? Is it simply a virus? How might you know what the reason is so you know what safety measures to take? 

What Are the Most Common Symptoms of COVID? 

Coronavirus by and large influences the lungs more than some other organ. That is the reason a portion of the significant manifestations of COVID incorporate a hack, windedness, and a fever. In any case, confusingly, every instance of COVID appears to be changed. It can incorporate a significant number of similar indications as influenza, or only some of them. Many individuals experience a mix of the accompanying indications: 

  • fever 
  • chills 
  • body hurts 
  • exhaustion 
  • hack 
  • windedness 
  • cerebral pain 
  • nasal clog 
  • runny nose 
  • sore throat 

Furthermore, one of the most extraordinary side effects of COVID can be the deficiency of taste and smell. Once in a while, COVID additionally accompanies gastrointestinal side effects, similar to queasiness, retching, and looseness of the bowels. 

While COVID can cause a sensitive throat, it’s uncommon for this to be the main sign. Any disease that causes blockage or a runny nose can likewise cause an irritated throat. 

What Else Might Be Causing My Sore Throat? 

While a sensitive throat isn’t the most well-known indication of COVID, sore throats are extremely normal with various conditions. 

Any kind of postnasal waste can cause a sensitive throat. Your throat becomes aggravated as the overabundance of bodily fluid channels. It doesn’t make any difference whether that seepage is from sensitivities, a cool, influenza, or COVID. Contaminated tonsils can likewise cause an irritated throat. This is generally the aftereffect of strep throat, which your PCP can determine to have a basic throat swab. 

Ear Nose and Throat - Is Your Sore Throat Caused by Covid, or Something Else?

Heartburn can cause a sensitive throat also. We typically partner reflux with indigestion, however, this isn’t generally the situation. Laryngopharyngeal reflux, or quiet reflux, doesn’t have any indications in the chest; it is just purposed consuming in the throat. 

At long last, some basic, regular things can cause bothering in the throat, yet these will resolve all alone. The dry West Texas environment can bother your throat. Furthermore, in the colder time of year, running the radiator can dry out the air in your home or office much more. You might need to avoid any risks and get tried for COVID. However, if an irritated throat is your main manifestation, it’s improbable that COVID is the reason. 

How Might I Soothe My Sore Throat? 

To discover alleviation from your sensitive throat torment, attempt to sort out what’s causing it. At the point when you know the reason, you can distinguish the most ideal approaches to diminish your aggravation and forestall more irritated throats later on. 

On the off chance that indigestion is the guilty party, dietary changes can assist with disposing of your uneasiness. Zesty, oily, and acidic food sources are the most widely recognized guilty parties in causing reflux. Investigation to perceive what helps your particular case, particularly in the nights. Tomato items and caffeine are a decent spot to begin since these frequently aggravate reflux. 

Ear Nose and Throat - Is Your Sore Throat Caused by Covid, or Something Else?

On the off chance that your throat is disturbed from postnasal bodily fluid waste, you can rinse warm salt water or make yourself some hot tea. (Nectar lemon tea is a decent decision!) 

On the off chance that you have occasional hypersensitivities, tending to those with an ENT specialist can reduce the measure of seepage your experience. This could mean having hypersensitivity chances. However, it could likewise mean utilizing effective splashes and antihistamines. On the off chance that a dry climate is causing your irritated throat, take a stab at running a humidifier, particularly around evening time. Your throat can truly dry out while you’re dozing! Make certain to remain hydrated by drinking a lot of liquids for the day also. 

When Should I Call a Doctor? 

On the off chance that you have an irritated throat that in all likelihood will not disappear regardless of treating it at home, feel free to call your PCP. 

On the off chance that your sensitive throat is excessively difficult to the point that you experience difficulty working, you might need to call your medical care supplier sooner. 

Also, if your throat torment is joined by changes to your voice, trouble gulping, or hacking up blood, make a meeting with an ENT specialist immediately. 


A sensitive throat joined by unexpected weight reduction likewise warrants a call to your PCP. You should check in with your PCP on the off chance that you have an irritated throat and a background marked by smoking or weighty liquor use also. 

Regardless of causing your sensitive throat, ENT Associates of Lubbock can assist you with making quick work of it. Reach us to set up a counsel on the off chance that you’ve had any of these unsettling manifestations, or on the other hand if you simply need to perceive what’s new with your irritated throat!