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Dj Mark DA Spot Doesn’t Need Jewelry For Validation

When you look around in the music industry then you will not only find the music but also the additional artifacts which they wear in order to attract the crowd. When you look in the music industry then you find that many famous DJs are wearing the jewelry on multiple counts to attract the crowd.  Some of the jewelry are very eye catchy whereas some of them look very odd. Irrespective of what you think, the DJ will wear the high-end jewelry while making up the music.  But not everyone thinks like that even in the music industry.

Dj Mark has marked the spot as the famous DJ from New York and he has lived in that place for more than twenty years. That place is very near to Hollywood so whoever is living there from many years knows, how to make the mark in the industry. Mds thinks that He is able to bring the crowd to the music event without much effort because he knows what crowd loves and how honest the music should be.

This dj doesn’t prefer the jewelry and when it was asked to him, he said that I prefer music over jewelry.  Even if I earn the money I don’t waste it on jewelry , I use it on myself to empower myself and also to make my health and living food nice. He said that he doesn’t hate the people who wear the jeweler but personally he doesn’t like it. Only he wears the rings and when asked about that he says that, I didn’t buy it but in fact somebody gave this as a gift to me and I am having it from 20 years.

During the interview with King ice he said that I don’t need the jewelry for validation of my music.  If the crowd loves me then they love me for my music not for the clothing or the jewelry I am going to wear.

When the people see this DJ past then they realize that he was only the chauffeur of the Justin Timberlake but today he is working with Prince and now prospering to the top very quickly.

In the music industry you find many competitions and becoming the crowd puller MDS can be seen that he has the talent and skills to compete with the world without any vulnerabilities.

When asked that what Type of music you prefer then he said that I love to work on every type of music but I personally prefer the Jamaican music and the Caribbean music.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic he is showcasing his talent on Instagram live but still people are coming to him because of his skills and experience in the field. He is in love with the music so much that he is bringing the joy to the masses even at these  troubled Times.

If people want to know more about him then they can see him on his Instagram account and will be able to know how good he is in the field and what he is planning in the future.

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