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Disney is Planning to Bring Ms. Marvel, the First Muslim Superhero in Live-Action But When?

Ms. Marvel, a character based on the Muslim Superhero, Kamala Khan will soon hit hard your screens as Disney+ is planning to make a live-action TV series based on her.

Let me tell you some amazing facts about Ms. Marvel who will soon reign over millions of hearts and become a significant part of Marvel Universe.

Ms. Marvel is the name of Kamala Khan who’s a Pakistani-American teenager possessing Shapeshifting superpowers. Our newly emerged superhero lives in Jersey City, New Jersy, America.

Let me tell you why Kamala Khan after getting superhuman powers, put on a Ms. Marvel costume and name. Kamala Khan chooses to become Ms. Marvel after being inspired by Captain Marvel, her ideal.

So, the next question arises, what kind of shapeshifting powers she possesses? While possessing shapeshifting superpowers Kamala Khan our Ms. Marvel can change her physical shape and form into any other being as per her desire. 

Shapeshifting Sounds Cool, Yeah! Certainly, Ms. Marvel will scorch the screens and become an ultimate nemesis of evil.

Moreover, if we talk about the production and release of the live-action adaptation of Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel then it has not entered its production phase yet.

Disney is planning to produce a TV series based on Ms. Marvel and to release it on Disney+. Anyhow, it’s expected that Disney+ will release Ms. Marvel in 2021.

We will keep updating you so stay tuned to know more about Ms. Marvel.


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