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Different types of Rakhis and What they symbolise

Raksha Bandhan is an incredibly fun and important festival. It has been a part of our culture for ages and reflects our values and love in an amazing way. The celebration starts early in the morning with all the hype and happy vibes. New clothes, delicious food, presents and lots of laughter. It’s like 3-4 festivals combined in one. You want everything to be perfect for this day including the Rakhi you get for your irritatingly sweet brother. Rakhi is beautiful and appealing to look at, there are so many different types of Rakhis available that it is hard to choose that one perfect Rakhi. We are here to make it easy for you by listing out some types of Rakhis and what they symbolize.

Silver Rakhi-

Silver is known as the prosperous metal used in Hindu rituals. The metal symbolizes riches, wealth, and prosperity, that is why the idioms of Goddess Laxmi are made with silver. The metal is also believed to provide peace of mind. Therefore, a Silver Rakhi is a way of blessing your brother with all the peace, fortune, and wealth. There are plenty of websites where you can get this premium rakhi online.

Rudraksha Rakhi-

The legend says that Rudraksha originated from the teardrops of Lord Shiva himself. They are said to be the source of immense power, luck, wealth, and prosperity. Tying a Rudraksha Rakhi is a way of blessing your brother with the blessings of Lord Shiva and lots of power and luck.

Gold Rakhi-

A luxuriously valuable metal, gold holds a significant place in the Hindu culture. It is said that gold can purify anything it touches, thus Hindu promotes gold jewelry. Being a precious metal, It also symbolizes wealth and power, as only those with such a thing can afford it. A Golden Rakhi is believed to purify your brother’s soul and bless him with wealth and riches.

Evil Eye Rakhi-

The name explains the function of the Rakhi. An evil eye Rakhi is believed to work as a protective cover between your brother and those who wish ill fate for him. It is also considered as a cover against all negative energies and bad auras, keeping your brother full of positive and happy energy. The blue colour of the rakhi symbolizes it as a curse against those who do not mean well.

Peacock Rakhi-

According to our culture, a peacock is more than just a bird, it symbolizes wisdom, guidance, vision, and luck. Peacock is said to be the ride of Lord Shiva’s son Kartika who is believed to be extremely intelligent and worshipped for his wisdom. A Peacock Rakhi looks beautiful and is full of blessings and love. A beautiful rakhi decorated with beautiful kundans and express your love beautifully.

Pearl Rakhi-

A pearl is considered to hold lots of good energy and provide calmness to the one who wears it. This magnificent ornament is given as a gift for good luck and prosperity. The Rakhi made with Pearls looks elegant and wishes a lot of great luck, peace, and happiness to your brother.

Swastika Rakhi-

An auspicious religious symbol that represents divinity and spirituality. This symbol is made before every occasion, be it a festival or a celebration for anything. The swastika represents all the great values of Indian culture and the Rakhi with this symbol is a representation of your care and blessings for him.

Ganesha Rakhi-

It is believed that Lord Ganesha is the remover of all obstacles and blesses you with tons of luck and fortune, that’s why he is worshipped before every new work and occasion. The Rakhi with Lord Ganesha’s idiom on top is a way of blessing your brother for all his future endeavors and luck.

Raksha Bandhan is a vital part of our culture and every rakhi has its own meaning. You may or may not believe in symbolism but there is no denying that you want everything best for your brother, including the best rakhi. You can get any rakhi you want online, many sites present app for shopping where you can place your orders. The material and designs used in every rakhi are there for a reason and to know what they truly mean will help you in deciding the best Rakhi. Happy Raksha Bandhan!

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