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Development of Brand Style: Visual Image

Today, manufacturers simply do not have the right to be “like everyone else.” Only by attracting attention and forming an emotional attachment, you can conquer the market. And it is possible to do this thanks to the development of a brand style. One of the things to be done is a logo for your brand, that is why you should use an animated logo creator to do it.

What Is a Brand Design and What Tasks Does It Solve?

Brand design is a visual component of a brand, a system of elements that form its well-known image. It allows you to differentiate the company’s products from many analogs. The main components are the logo, corporate style, label and packaging, and web design. Other additional elements are possible, based on the peculiarities of the enterprise’s sphere of activity. A unique image will make your product stand out from the competition. Despite the obvious importance of this task, it is not the only one. The brand design will allow:

  • increase the memorability of a product or an entire line;
  • make an impression and form a positive response in the target audience;
  • build consumer loyalty to products by creating an emotional connection;
  • significantly reduce costs for advertising campaigns and promotion of the company’s new products.

But it is worth saying that brand design is not pure art at all. One creativity is clearly not enough here. In order for a bright and beautiful picture to become an effective tool for the development of the company, complex research and market analysis cannot be dispensed with. The wishes and pains of the target audience covered by the product, the experience of competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, the characteristics of the product itself, and much more are subject to study. Without this knowledge, the design will be just a set of beautiful pictures that are not tied to a specific product or brand.

Brand Design Requirements

Each brand is unique. Therefore, creating a brand image should always be personalized. But still, there are a number of general criteria that a really cool brand design must meet:

  • Logic – the main attributes of the brand should convey belonging to a certain product group and price category.
  • Memorability – it is better to abandon complex elements of visual communication. They should be easy to understand and harmoniously combine with each other. Differentiation from competitors and emphasis on your strengths is a must.
  • Attractiveness – a creative and humorous idea will add additional value to the product if it is used as a basis for brand design. This helps build emotional attachment, increasing sales.

It should also be adaptive. Brand symbols should look equally good on any media. For example, a high-quality logo is legible and proportional both on an A8 postcard and on a billboard. This also applies to other elements of brand design.

Who Needs Brand Design Development?

It is much easier to say who does not need it. A private brand is optional except for a company that is a monopoly and when it is expected that there will be no competitors in the near future. In the absence of consumer choice, as was said at the beginning of the article, it is possible to produce milk in identical bottles and refined products in identical cardboard boxes. If there is even one competitor, brand design is as necessary as air.

Small business representatives

Have you heard the saying: “A bad soldier who does not dream of becoming a general”? This also applies to business. Of course, when its owner is not going to limit himself to one stall. Brand design solves the following tasks:

  • involvement of the target audience;
  • increasing the competitiveness of goods;
  • formation of a loyal relationship with the target audience.

Most likely, large companies already have their own brand. But the world does not stand still. The market is full of life. Some players leave him, and others take their place. The possibility of consumers revising their preferences and changes in the economic situation should also not be discounted. These are important factors to update the visual image from time to time, taking into account changes in trends and the economic situation.

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