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Dead to Me Season 2 is Currently Underproduction, When it will Release?

Dead to Me Season 2 has entered its production phase and now the spectacular Duo of Jane and Judy is ready to back on Netflix.

After a long wait, finally, we come across something significant regarding Dead to Me. Yes, finally, season 2 is happening and under its production phase.

Christina Applegate, the Dead to Me star shared a picture with her co-star Linda Cardellini, the other lead of the black comedy, stating that they both are working on Dead to Me Season 2. In the picture, both of the stars are holding hands with two books titled as Dead to Me, and their names, respectively, resting on the table above.

So, our favorite Duo is getting back to continue the chain of events from Dead to Me Season 1. Certainly, Dead to Me Season 2 will rock and roll as this is exactly what viewers need to watch and sink in to overcome the glooms.

If you have forgotten, let me remind you that Dead to Me follows the story of two ladies, one, Jane combat the loss of her husband’s accidental death, and the other, Judy with a dark secret becomes her support. Anyhow, the twist lies in the concealed truth, the dark secret on which Judy was holding on is nothing else than that she hit Jane’s husband leading him to death, and ran away.

Well, the way destiny made them each other’s support is of a remarkable element which hypes the intensity of the dark comedy, Dead to Me.

Dead to Me Season 2: Story Arc

So, now, the duo is returning and certainly, now we will get to know what actually happened which we witnessed by the end of Dead to Me season 1. As you must remember, by the end of season 1, we witnessed that Jane was holding on a gun near Judy’s ex-fiance’s body and the presumably Jane killed Judy’s ex. Did she took revenge or there’s something else hidden in the cards?

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