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David Nicolas Albanese: Inspiring Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur and CEO of High Farms, David Nicolas Albanese is also a real estate expert and business mentor.

David leads by example, delivering care packages, food, and essential supplies to communities in need of help. He seeks to lessen the effects of pandemic and quarantine. He is a leader in the fullest sense of the word, working as devotedly in public as he does in private; working to assist workers and people from all walks of life.

David’s career is a study in a series of popular leadership traits.

  • Achievers: Achievers get what they want through a combination of discipline and awareness. They adapt to challenges while maintaining their goals.
  • Busyness Is Serious Business: Leaders like David are busy by design. They invest themselves in their families’ communities, and their businesses too. They work to better the lives of the people they love, the charities they respect, the causes they admire.
  • Dedication: David is a leader with the dedication necessary to succeed. The ability to attain a goal, despite the pressures or personal setbacks, is the essence of dedication.

With the ethics of a good citizen and the experience of a smart leader, David is a professional worthy of praise. He is true to his word, honoring his promises and fulfilling the hopes of the workers he employs. He works to create a better world, thanks to the skills he possesses and the wisdom he enjoys.