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Dark Season 3, Ending Explained: Jonas to Destroy Himself (Adam) and Connect the Cycles’ Trio

Dark season 3, a sci-fi thriller with three seasons and three cycles amid the revelation of dark realities, time travel, and now it’s drastic consequences triggering the Apocalypse will blow up your minds.

Dark Season 3 seems to be the most-awaited, and fans are eagerly waiting for it to arrive. Dark fans are certainly aware of it that till now only two cycles have been completed and with the arrival of season 3, the third and last cycle will begin and conclude the series while connecting the whole three seasons and the drastic events.

Let us figure out what Dark Season 3 will bring for the fans, and how it will reach its end.

So, finally, the fans came to know that in actual Jonas is Adam who’s the mastermind behind the whole mess. Now, the fans are really intense and desperate to know will Jonas be able to stop his older self, Adam from destroying everything.

It seems like, Jonas will soon realize that Adam is none other than him, and he will have to seek control over his id being guided by his super-ego. So, the only way to get out of this chaos is that Jonas has to defeat the dark side of him which provokes Adam.Moreover, it will be hell intense to watch how Jonas will overcome the loss of his love, Martha. Is there a possibility of Martha to survive the death shot or being alive?

As by the end of we witnessed that Jonas has been transported to an alternate reality, and there he found another version of Martha. Anyhow, the other version of Martha said to him that she belongs to another world, not to another timeline.

So, it seems like that the Apocalypse has begun and now Jonas and the rest of the survivors in their respective times will have to cope up with the danger ahead.

Will Jonas find a way to defeat his own self, Adam by surrendering an urge and thirst for power, or is it possible to avert the Apocalypse in Dark Season 3?

Let’s see how Jonas will be able to connect the trio of the dark time travel cycles and eradicate this chaotic mess.

To get the answers, we will have to wait for the release of Dark Season 3.


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