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Cure for HIV/AIDS: New Protein Drug Can Suppress AIDS virus Without Antiretroviral Therapy

In this modern era, many new kinds of research come to cure for HIV/AIDS. The new development is doing their work in different ways.   A cure for HIV/AIDS has developed that eliminates the virus from the human immune system. There are many methods of cure are available that increase the life span of an infected person, such as ART.

But we could not say that it’s a permanent solution. Scientists and doctors are trying to find out the best and permanent solution for this epidemic disease. Therefore new researches come day by day. According to the latest development, a protein-based drug can suppress HIV even after receiving Antiretroviral therapy.

New Protein Drug

The breakthrough research was done at the University of Texas Medical. A new protein drug designed to combat HIV and also it increases the life span of AIDS patients.  It is not a permanent cure, but it can suppress the virus even after ART.


While using ART medicines, the ADIS virus undergoes in a dormant state; however, it returns back as soon, as they are stopped. There are also chances that HIV may develop resistance due to these medicines, and the whole thing starts over.

According to new research, a BRD4 protein is used in the study to suppress the AIDS virus. Moreover, reports are also saying that the combination of ZL0580 protein with the ART drugs contains the AIDS virus much faster.

Future Research and Development

As you know, HIV/AIDS is the most significant disease that has spread all over the world. On this epidemic disease, researches have been going for centuries to find out the permanent solution.

UNAIDS campaign tries to end AIDS in 2020 in three different ways, and these are early detection, ART treatment, and viral suppression.

More than 37 million people were infected with AIDS in 2018. In this ratio, only 62 percent were received ART treatment.

Well, we hope that Soon we’would get the best and permanent cure for HIV/AIDS may be in the form of the protein-based drug.

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