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Crypto telegram groups and channels

Taking the startup of any business is not easy as it takes a lot of things, including planning, investment, and other necessary things. In today’s world, when a pandemic damages the world’s economies, there is a need to start a business that will give maximum profit to the person and contribute to the development of the economy. Well, many people and business minds want to work on this noble thought of mutual benefit.

The business niche selection is one of the most important decisions because if you choose the wrong field or service for your business, it will only waste your time and energy. So, it is better to utilize it in a better form and choose the business wisely. Most of the business holders try to invest in the stock market for the purpose of maximum profit. They think it is straightforward to earn from an exchange where you can play with numbers and digits. But the reality is quite different as the stock exchange itself a separate and time0consuming business, and the giant stock groups are the ones who spend decades in the stock exchange.

So, if you think that after making some investment, you will become the king of the market, it’s not possible unless you give your 100% dedication in the stock business because it also has a lot of risks as compared to any other business. It can make you or break you badly so, be careful; if you are planning to become one of the investors, we suggest you to purchase Cryptocurrency because it is one of the reliable payment tools that are famous and acceptable all over the world. Today, we will discuss on crypto telegram channel that will help you find the currency market. Most people don’t know about the channel as it’s famous for its security standards. Many investors try to add in the Crypto telegram groups, but before adding any of them, it is essential to find the best telegram crypto groups, so let’s get started.

Crypto telegram groups and channels:

These are some of the well-recognized groups and channels that will make your investment and understanding of crypto marketing easy and smooth. So, let’s follow with us.

  1. ICO Speaks group: icospeaks

The freedom to speak is the basic right of any human, and when you are an investor, then you have many doubts and concerns about the place to invest. ICO Speaks will allow you to speak openly about the currency and the projects. It is one of the well-known crypto telegram channels that provide assistance publically. Now, there is no hidden or block id feature, but being an investor, you can openly speak about the project and share your experience with the public. Moreover, you will get the chance to take the advice of some of the senior investors where they will assist you in finding the new blockchain projects. You can also get many ideas for the promotion of your business. The open chat is really open for all and without any restrictions.

  1. ICO Listing group icolisting

The admins of ICO create this group, and a large number of investors also recognizes it. You can say it’s an advanced version of the previous group in which you can utilize the public chat, but you can also list your project in this group. This group is not only for blockchain experts, but an average person can also list his project and a member of the community or group. It will allow you to get the project as maybe any investor visits your post, and you will benefit from it. Moreover, if you are serious about the work, you can directly contact the Group admin. If he fined capability in you, then he will surely create hype around your listed project. Furthermore, the admin runs the messages after cleaning the spam so you

can enjoy messaging and posting. It will also get the chance to learn about the Cryptocurrency and to trade, so click on the and join the group.

  1. ICO Speaks News icospeaksnews

It is one of the Telegram crypto groups which allows you to start your business with the crypto community. In this group, you will get the following facilities:

ICO/IEO Reviews

Blockchain News.


The main idea to create this group is to provide assistance to the investors in terms of promised blockchain project assurance. After joining the group, you will start getting the notifications of every latest update regarding IEO projects. The group’s best feature is to provide the information of the fraud investors and dealers that you might don’t know without joining the group. If you are a member of this group, it will allow you to take a chance in the crypto exchange and support you. Moreover, you will be free to chat and discuss your ideas in an open community.

  1. IEO Pools IEOpools

In the race of best crypto telegram groups, it is another platform that will provide the IEO reviews. Joining the group is one of the beneficial moves as it will help you to find out the followings:


airdrops or deliveries

tokes sales

affordable prices for followers

Cryptocurrency experts

The admin of the group is quite active, and he posts regularly. The instant news and notifications will help you move further as you get the news on time. IEO pools group is also working as the other telegram crypto group, and it will give the benefits to both investors and traders. Only a member of the group can allow getting advantage of the listed projects. It will allow you to get the opportunity as it has many initial exchange offers that will help you earn good money.

  1. 5. Btc Champ btcchamp

When we are discussing crypto telegram groups, then how can we forget to mention about BTC. If you are a BTC investor, then we suggest joining this group. This group is also working as the previous ones. As; it will notify daily news and give the opportunity to promote the projects. BTC Champ will also support its member, so the investors take an interest in the newbies’ listed projects. You can easily launch the token sale, and for that, you can create an attractive post. In other facilities, you will get all the updates of Bitcoin and its changing prices, etc.

  1. ICO Speaks Ru icospeaksRU

Great news for the Russians who don’t want to speak and read the English language. This group is the Russian version of ICO Speak. This group is also including in the best telegram crypto groups; where you can find the best reviews on the IEO and ICO projects. Furthermore, you will keep updated with the information about deliveries, market news of Cryptocurrency and token sales, etc.

  1. ICO Founders Icofounders_group

ICO speaks the creator of this group, and the aim behind creating this beneficial group is to promote the investors and projects. If you are a member of this group, you can chat and list your project and posts without any interference. The group admin keeps updating you, and you can also ask for any advice from any senior or old investors.

Long story short, Cryptocurrency is the future of the world. Where it is highly recommended in online shopping as well as acceptable on the world’s platforms. It’s a new thing for many people. But when you enter the Cryptocurrency market, you will release how big this market is. It will also openly provide unlimited opportunities to invest and make good money. You can join crypto telegram groups and take advantage of the investors. Moreover, you will be free to talk with other blockchain investors, and they will also assist you.