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Cristo Noir – Visual Artist

The modern artist Cristo Noir represents the futuristic world we all knew today. Cristo Noir is a designer, creative director, content creator, and artist. He is the chief executive officer of 12 Noir, a brand he founded in 2018. The brand specializes in art, design, clothing, and accessories.

Cristo also focuses on photography. Most of his pictures are taken in different parts of the world, including Africa, Europe, and Asia. He gets inspiration from nature, architecture, and animals. Attached are 2 of my favorite photographs from his portfolio.

Cristo Noir

Cristo Noir is a successful visual artist who has been always interested in photography and videography since his youngest age. His perfectionist personality and his creative work make Cristo Noir the best visual artist. At the age of 19 he founded his company 12 noir that specializes in fashion, music, design, art, fashion, music, and video production. His imagination is designed to actively disturb minds. Not everyone manages his own company at the age of 19. But he managed it wisely.

Cristo Noir Visual Artist

Cristo has also worked with many celebrities like Hella Sketchy, Cristo Tyler, Lana Scolaro, and Molly O Malia. Over the years he has worked with multiple various projects via his Instagram and has gained over 300,000 supporters worldwide and looking for more.

12 Noir website: https://www.12noir.com/

His instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/cristonoir/

12 Noir instagram account here:


Cristo Noir YouTube channel:

His brand, 12 Noir having a plan in the year 2021. There appears a new collection dropping in February 2021 & the number of followers waiting for his brand advertising on Instagram and YouTube.

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