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CoVid-19 presented an opportunity for a book that inspires new couples

The Founder of DESUAR spa in downtown LA, Deisy Suarez-Giles. Her passion began several years earlier. When she was a girl in New York. She made scrubs and masks on a kitchen sink. When she joined the beauty and wellness business more than 16 years ago as a creating artist. Deisy is also a spokeswoman, philanthropist, blogger, producer of content, and lover of animals.

In 2002 Deisy graduated from the Design Institute, NYC, after earning her BA in Marketing Communications from UTESA and working with many stores and beauty salons as a maquillage artist. Deisy began her first entrepreneurial undertaking with DESUAR Cosmetics in 2004 due to her fashion and practice expertise. She has built a high-end making line for herself and her customers in collaboration with Srinivas, research director at French Aroma Imports Co.

Dream About Writing a Novel: 

Deisy Suarez-Giles still dreamed about writing a novel, but she never thought she would do so in a pandemic. Like all other COVID-19 owners, Suarez-Giles has had to close the doors briefly to DESUAR Spa, the DTLA Day Spa. Suddenly, Suarez-Giles had to give herself extra time, first, because she was not used to the inactivity during a quarantine. But when her husband Keith recommended that the book project be started, Suarez-Giles was inspired, and the first draught was published in 30 days.

The novel (Marriage Material: How I Met My Husband) leads the reader on a fun and exciting journey, looking at how the chapters depict the story of two very different individuals with various identities in love. In their search for love, Deisy and Keith had to face a lot of hardships.

For Deisy, she was so confident that her soulmate wasn’t in Los Angeles, and he was far away in the north. She moved all along in the expectation that she would fell in love along the route to Paris and New York. But she did not fall in love, though, to her dismay.

Deisy little realized that the one in Los Angeles City was back with her. Her husband was right in front of her, but Deisy never knew it because the two of them did not seem to be together. However, passion has found its way. Finally, they came to understand how to set aside their differences. They knew that they were the right ones for each other, but they could not be without each other instead of repelling. They became electrical in attraction.

The Novel Explores the Facts of Bonds, Marriage, and Weddings:

The novel also explores the facts of bonds, marriage, and weddings. Her bittersweet wedding day was one of the critical obstacles that have outlined by the spa-owner in her novel. She was apart from her loved ones when she married the love of her life. That is why Deisy understands how tough it is during this pandemic for people who have abandoned their homes.

Today, with two adorable children, Deisy and Keith Giles are blessed. As a team, they run their popular California day spa business. You worked tirelessly for your friendship and held energy and love in your life. As a beauty and fitness author, businesswoman, and philanthropist, Keith proceeds to support his wife’s interests.

Deisy, by comparison, hopes, particularly during these trying times, to inspire her readers through her novel.