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Covid-19 In Italy And Sweden ‘Death Till Today

Now, COVID-19 is a menacing tag for all and sundry around the globe. The world is getting worried more about the flow of time. We all found ourselves fail to get rid of it. No way out, no vaccine, indeed nothing is there. Just some precautionary measures are available.

In Italy, it sweeps off the population in a single click. Surprisingly, things are getting strange in Sweden. They were pretty bold as they dint impose any lockdown against Coronavirus. Now, the death rate due to Coronavirus is above 3000, which is an alarming one.

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History of Coronavirus in Sweden

Sweden wasn’t interested in lockdown as per the instructions of WHO. This is why it sounds strange that they could be safe from COVID-19. Truly not! They weren’t taking any sort of measures against the matter of Coronavirus.

It seems that they were the followers of Italy. Sweden intentionally ignored the menace so that the consequences could be God forbid the same as Italy. The Coronavirus engulfs the human beings as a silent killer. Sweden government focused more on the promotion of social norms than lockdown policy.

The things went smoothly till there was nothing found threatening. Later, with time, in April, the testing services intentionally sorted for the death rate due to Coronavirus. It surprisingly crossed the limits.

Current situation of Coronavirus in Sweden

In the current era, WHO guidelines again recommended them for the lockdown as they did in the past too. The city of Stockholm is affected profoundly. COVID-19 is going to show its power in every way. It is a reality that once it goes out of hands, then it gets serious trouble, for instance, in Italy.

Sweden is letting us know more after proper testing of Coronavirus. The measurement of people in April realized that above 18000 people were infected. The further testing process continued with time. The death rate boosted as well.

The death rate due to Coronavirus is rising. The above 3000 people have been died due to Coronavirus as per WHO data. Above 24,000 infected cases recorded in May 2020. This was a genuine alarm. They needed an exact lockdown.

COVID-19 started engulfing the population like it did in Italy. Now, Sweden is on the verge of the point where Italy was a couple of weeks back. Coronavirus found to be successful as it is an invisible infection. The infection spread rate is critically high.

So, the death rate due to Coronavirus is also boosting up. Although the recovery is still there, the threat is existing as per the data of WHO. So, it is essential to follow the rules and regulations of WHO to be on the safe side.

Only the precautions, cleanliness, plus social distancing are the way outs. Nobody can help out in this regard. You need to be a potential person at the moment. Sweden needs extra care and lockdown at the moment to be on the road to safety from Coronavirus.

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